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Top 15 Anime Cat Girl

To qualify for this list, the character must at least contain cat-like features and/or able to transform into a cat. 

They are ever-present in anime but only the ones most important to the plot of their anime are included in here. The more influential, the higher in the list they are!

#15 Mii (Interspecies Reviewers)

Mii (Interspecies Reviewers)

Mii is immediately placed into the Top 15 because of the relevance of Interspecies Reviewers to the anime community at the moment. 

Mii herself shares quite an intimate scene with the sweet and innocent angel, Crimvael. Surprisingly, the catgirl establishment in the show is one of the tamer ones. 

#14 Eris (Cat Planet Cuties) 

Eris (Cat Planet Cuties)

A representative of the Catia race on Earth, Eris is sent to the planet to scout the area. 

She may be an alien but the 16-year old Kio can’t keep her eyes off of her for some reason…

#13 Millianna (Fairy Tail)

Millianna (Fairy Tail)

Her time to shine mostly comes in the Grand Magic Games as she represents the all-female Mermaid Heel guild. 

With an impressive fight against Semmes from Quatro Cerberus, she is taken out rather quickly against the Lamia Scale Guild. Maybe “taken out rather quickly” is an understatement. 

#12 Haineko (Bleach)

Haineko (Bleach)

A largely anime-only character (separated from the main story), Haineko is initially the Zanpakuto spirit of Rangiku Matsumoto.

 In the anime, Haineko gets to fight Rangiku herself, demonstrating her immense power as a spirit. 

#11 Shizuka Nekonome (Rosario + Vampire)

Shizuka Nekonome (Rosario + Vampire)

A teacher at the Yokai Academy, she dresses as a black cat and acts as a vigilante. 

Her immense beauty outrivals many of the other beauties in the show and this gives her a pretty high pick in this list. 

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#10 Blair (Soul Eater)

Blair (Soul Eater)

A shameless wannabe witch that is not afraid to flaunt her stuff. This extends to even getting in fights over her breasts which she claims to be the biggest. She’s actually a monster cat since she’s mistaken for a real witch by Soul and Maka. 

#9 Neko (K)

Neko (K)

A rather childish cat girl that does not shy away from butting into any conversation and attempts to hog the attention of the viewers. Much like a real cat, wouldn’t ya say?


#8 Anya Fromel (Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)

Anya Fromel (Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)

The favorite neko girl from the infamous DanMachi series. 

She commandeers the waitresses at the Hostess of Fertility within the show with her horrid singing and unimaginative actions that overlook common sense. Still, she’s insanely wholesome and insecure about certain topics. 

#7 Rem Galleu (How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord)

Rem Galleu (How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord)

One of the main characters in the show and partner-in-crime with the Demon Lord Diablo. She aimed to enslave the Demon Lord but his MAHŌ NO HANSHA (magic reflection) caused Rem to be enslaved herself. 

Now she is an adventurer that travels with Diablo to find a way to get her slave collar off.

 Along the way, it’s obvious to note that she grows closer and closer to the group and feels left out whenever Shera takes the spotlight. 

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#6 Nozomi Kiriya (Mayori Neko Overrun)

Nozomi Kiriya (Mayori Neko Overrun)

An originally nieve “cat girl”, Nozomi is not afraid to get into uncomfortable situations. 

Obviously, she is the “best girl” from the series with her all too cute “nya” throughout the show. 

I mean, in episode four, she “nyas” into a fan for a good 30 seconds. You cannot tell me that she isn’t the cutest. 

#5 Ichigo Momomiya (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Ichigo Momomiya (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Representing a certain breed of the wildcat, Ichigo stars in the show that aimed to raise awareness of endangered species at the time. 

Kind-hearted intentions lead her to go up against alien invaders that want to take over planet Earth. 

#4 Himari Noihara (Omamori Himari)

Himari Noihara (Omamori Himari)

The cat demon that aims to protect Yuuto from all ayakashi that aim to take his life.

 Himari even sports three different forms for our viewing pleasure: normal, Ayakashi Himari, and Super Himari. She protects, she attact, but most importantly, she got a huge rack.

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#3 Catherine (Gintama)

Catherine (Gintama)

From the famed comedy that brought you the likes of Gintoki and Shinpachi, comes a new breath of fresh air… an ex-convicted cat burglar that seeks to only please her master, Otose. 

Sporting a rocking hot body but also the oldest and most unattractive face in the show, Catherine truly is a living contradiction. 

#2 Yoruichi (Bleach)

Yoruichi (Bleach)

My personal childhood love, Yoruichi exhibits both the instinctiveness of a cat and its care-free nature. 

These characteristics stem from her ability to transform into a cat at will and to torture Ichigo with her nude body. Get ready for a new form when the anime comes back.

#1 Hanekawa (Monogatari Series)

Credit to Charly Animestation

“I don’t know everything, I only know what I know”. Hanekawa is arguably the most conflicted human of the entire Monogatari series. 

She perhaps suffers the most of any character in the show, having to deal with the stress of her family, her other relationships, and the constant maintenance of her fake image by herself. 

Hanekawa is a master at hiding her true feelings and similar to a cat, takes actions based on instinct, regardless of any emotions because she lacks any connections. 

This is perhaps the reason that the cat demon possessed her, to take advantage of her emotionless state.


Kudos to all the cat girls in this list. They never fail to annoy, purr, and surprise us with their nonsensical consistency to relay care-free behavior. 

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