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Top 50 Best Anime of ALL TIME

Want to know the best anime to come out… like EVER? Then worry not, this list will satisfy your every need and you will definitely end up watching these after hearing how great they are. OR maybe that is just my opinion… you be the judge!

A list of the top 50 best anime based on public perception, relevance, and a pinch of personal bias.

For the purpose of this list, I will be excluding any films and OVAs. This behemoth of a list will just focus on anime related content and will avoid manga spoilers of the sorts.


#50 Violet Evergarden

Kyoto Animation really flexed their animating muscles in this show. A large reason for the amount of praise that Violet Evergreen receives is due to its beautifully animated sequences that really put emphasis on being smooth and detailed to a fault.

I really wish I could play some music and show you some clips of the show’s astonishing soundtrack and gorgeous animation.

I’ll just trust that you will check that out yourself because it will give you that eye candy feeling once you have.

Violet is a young woman that was used as a weapon of war for years by her nation. Fast forward to today and she is a retired veteran that lost both of hers due to combat but lacks sufficient emotional intelligence to perform well at her job.

Her occupation is that of a writer; she writes letters for those that do not have the ability to write but since she lacks emotional depth due to her exploits as a “tool”, her letters feel empty.

Violet soon begins to learn how to interpret the feelings and emotions that leak out of people by viewing the living conditions and lifestyles of other people.

She listens to how the people around her are dependent on each other for care and simply being able to hear each other out. Slowly, but surely, Violet discovers what it means to be human.

The subbed version is recommended for this series and make sure to get the popcorn ready because these episodes almost feel like separate films.

#49 Castlevania

Video game to screen adaptations has been pretty poor in general. Games like Persona 5 have a “boring” anime and even an adaption of Super Mario Bros to the big screen was a failure.

Castlevania is the holy light of video game adaptations into anime. It was released during a season of anime where it could be contested as the best anime of that season despite being created by American studios.

Castlevania emphasizes on giving depth to characters and even sets in stone a new personality for the infamous Dracula.

Of the multiple accounts concerning the overlord vampire, Dracula could be deduced as the most human character in the entire show based upon his ideas and actions.

Additionally, the sound effects of the show are remarkably done and can be comparable to that of JoJo. Every sound is realistic and hits close to home.

One of the few great anime that Netflix has produced including Devilman Crybaby and Aggretsuko. The dub of the show is diverse and executed to excellence. Please watch!

View Anime Girl

#48 Banana Fish

I’m still not crying from the ending… that’s a weak mindset. *tears rolling down my cheeks* Banana Fish accomplishes grabbing its audience of both female and male viewers to appreciate the journey of Ash and Eiji to make Ash find love again.

Despite what many may tell you, these two don’t share a romantic relationship, instead, they share a common goal that brings them closer together through the circumstances that grouped them.

Despite the lack of romantic or sexual desires between Ash and Eiji, the two still respect each other as equals and demonstrate that not all relationships in the BL genre must be oversexualized.

#47 Yu Yu Hakusho

Join the gang consisting of Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara as they dive into the spirit world to fight against the evil spirits that ravage Earth.

Yusuke is a heavy fighter that would go fists first into any fight that he finds worthwhile.

When the situation gets rough, you can count on Yusuke to get out of the situation with his spirit gun.

Kurama is the most leveled-headed of the bunch, using techniques such as his rose whip attack. Hiei is lightning fast and the shortest of the bunch.

His personality is quite toxic but isn’t that the attitude of most short people (sorry). Kuwabara is a meathead that has the special ability to manifest spirit energy into a weapon, or most famously, a sword. (Seriously, why does the dim-witted one get the coolest power).

On the conquest to defeat evil, we are also joined by Koenma and Botan, a baby and a babe, respectively.

Yu Yu Hakusho is still relevant despite being released in 1992 as you can see the show being referenced in rap ciphers (Rustage’s Shonen Jump Rap Cypher) and being a topic of discussion for anime YouTube in channels such as Super Eyepatch Wolf, Bonsai Pop, and Get In The Robot in recent years.

The dubbed version is a hidden gem and if you need quick convincing then just listen to the English version of the opening and you will believe me.

#46 Cardcaptor Sakura

The first magical girl anime on our list! Cardcaptor Sakura has had an influence over many older fan’s childhoods which can be seen with MistyChronexia who states that the show was his first anime.

In recent years, anime fans grew up watching Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh which are vastly different from CCS (Cardcaptor Sakura for future reference).

For starters, this show aired from the years of 1998-200 and it originally was targeted for a young female audience.

The English dub version is not recommended at all. In an attempt to attract younger boys into the show, it changed the order of the episodes, changed the main character to the male Syaoran, and even decided to not air certain episodes to put more emphasis on the male character as opposed to the girls. Please stick to the subbed version.

Enough of the negative, Cardcaptor Sakura engages its audience by sticking to its guns and not changing pace from an eye-candy delight standpoint.

The transformations in the show are spectacular and the outfits worn by the cast were so unique and cute. Every week, the show would introduce a new villain to the frame and they would never be bland or repetitive.

Instead, the week to week new monster format was extremely helpful to Cardcaptor Sakura because of the distinctiveness and creativity of each opponent.

Sakura and her companions always managed to make the chase for every card so enticing.

#45 Food Wars!

Food porn finally became an anime! For the masses that watch the Food Channel on television comes a new anime that gives the viewers a sense of the sheer beauty and gratifying addiction of cooking and eating great meals.

Yukihira Soma, the protagonist of the story, must join a culinary school that his old man attended so that he can prove his skills to his peers and to a worldwide audience.

Joining Soma’s journey to conquer the culinary world are his friends in the Polar Star dormitory and the more than talented Italian Aldini brothers and Nakiri cousins.

Every character in the show brings out their own specialties with cooking and this individuality creates a unique atmosphere of international cooking styles that fight and compete against each other.

It is a clear delight to see the different styles of cooking especially when Megumi uses her local ingredients.

The town in which she grew up recognized her prowess in the kitchen, regardless of her shy attitude, Megumi was a star for the people of the town so they supplied her with ingredients to help her in school competitions.

Soma is a much more diverse cook, always looking to create some wacky food combinations that most would not find appealing.

#44 Dororo

The whole idea of making us presume that Hyakkimaru was Dororo was genius.

I really got fooled by that. Anyways, Dororo is a boy that, at birth, could not hear nor see and lacked skin which meant he was in constant pain.

This was a result of his father doing a pact with demons in exchange for good lands and a greater prefecture.

Gradually, these senses and skin restoration would return to him, although not completely, every time that he killed a demon that was created by his birth.

Hyakkimaru, the boy, is later joined by a smaller orphan that aids Hyakkimaru in exchange for protection and curiosity named Dororo.

#43 Baccano

Baccano is composed of thirteen episodes and has three succinct timelines within them.

Each timeline contains different characters and a different plot altogether. The changes in scenery introduce us to so many new characters that it’s hard to keep track of who is in a singular timeline and who is in multiple.

Despite this, each character is so interesting in their own right (unless Jacuzzi Splot annoys the living hell out of you).

A cute quirk of the show is the power couple of Issac and Maria, my highlight of the series.

The dubbed version is entertaining for English speakers because it uses accents that are normally portrayed as Western cowboys or Southern folk and it makes for a realistic wild west viewing of anime.

#42 Seven Deadly Sins

Our first impression on the show comes with the display of a man with a child-like appearance and his ownership of a bar that never tends to stay in the same place for long.

Dialogue between the bar guests gives us our first exposition towards the Seven Deadly Sins, seven of the strongest magical warriors of the Kingdom of Liones who were banished from the realm for treason.

Learning that the child-like owner of the bar is actually the Dragon Sin of Wrath and that all of the Sins still exist is exciting to the brim.

Meliodas, the bar owner, has retained his appearance since the age of knight at the Kingdom of Lioness due to his trait of being a demon.

Meliodas has incredible speed and boasts a technique that allows him to repel any physical attack right back at his enemy.

The second sin we meet is Diane, Serpent Sin of Envy. Diane belongs to the unique clan of giants that unfortunately have few in number, if, any at all. In the show, Diane grows a relationship with King (another Sin) from one of friendship to one of a mutual desire for each other.

It’s rather cute especially because of the size difference between the two being that Diane is a giant and King is a fairy.

The Fox Sin of Pride is known as Ban and he possesses fox-like traits due to growing up in his adoptive father’s home.

Ban is a rather eccentric fellow that is not afraid to rustle the feathers of individuals and is best friends with Meliodas. Did I mention that he is immortal?

King is the Grizzly Sin of Sloth and is a fairy that, for a long period of time, was the guardian of the Fairy King’s Forest.

One event led to another and King ended up losing the memory of his time as guardian.

The person that aided in rekindling the flames of his past was his crush, Diane. The two lovebirds are the cutest couple in the show behind Ban and Elaine in my opinion.

Gowther is stated to be a doll during the show and Gowther lacks the necessary emotional capability to be considered a human.

A fact that it cannot feel sorrowful for yet it makes an attempt to understand the human emotion that it lacked. Formerly a member of the Ten Commandments, Gowther was created for ill-intentions, not for the good of the realm.

Merlin is the Boar sin of Gluttony and gluttony definitely explains her constant hunger for knowledge.

She even stunned her growth and decay so that she can learn about everything in the world and is amazed by people like Escanor, a fellow sin, who demonstrates never before seen powers.

Escanor is the one being that stands above all… at least when it’s daylight.

You see Escanor has the remarkable ability to become an immense human when the sun is out and shows a surge of strength closer towards the noon mark.

When it’s a night out, though, Escanor is more of a… stick. He has no impressive physical features during his night form and has the body shape of a weak normal human.

Really the only similarity between night and day Escanor is the mustache and oh boy, that mustache is marvelous.

Even his personality changes since his night version is rather timid while the day version is much more outspoken and confident.

I guess the only other similarity is that he completely simps for Merlin either form.

Overall, the constant betrayals, backstabbings, and relationships between the Sins is what make the show so great.

Both the sub and dub are great but be wary of the sudden animation change in season 3 of the show.

#41 Puella Magi Madoka Magica

So much darker than most Mahou shoujo (magical girl) shows. You just need to reach episode three to understand this sentiment as well as to get hooked to the show.

In what other magical girl show does it show a girl getting beheaded by a giant caterpillar-like creature. Yeah, not most!

The entire plot of the show is sinister as these girls are tricked into a vicious cycle of killing evil witches, becoming evil witches, and getting their wish granted just to have their soul taken away without knowing.

#40 Kuroko no Basket

If basketball players had superpowers, Kuroko no Basket is the only example in prime media.

Join the journey of Seirin High School students as they attempt to become the best high school basketball team in Japan.

Each player on the team contributes differently and the original highlight and interest is in the two freshmen, Kuroko and Kagami.

Kuroko is a master tactician with the ball, supplying assists and excellent court vision.

The only negative is his physical condition which could definitely use massive help.

Kagami is the Japanese-American player that dominates in the court with his physical and overwhelming presence.

The hard exterior on the court grew from his prickly relationship with his childhood friend, Himuro.

The on-the-court relationship of Kuroko and Kagami stems from their need to beat the “Miracle of Generations”, a group of players that are considered godly and once played in the same junior high.

#39 Sailor Moon

A big reason that Sailor Moon still belongs in the list is because of NOSTALGIA.

For the 90’s babies, this show was very popular during the time which caused many to watch this show as a kid.

Despite the formulaic system of nearly every episode, the old animation, and relatability of Usagi (Sailor Moon) aids in the enjoyable watch time of Sailor Moon.

A strength of the show is actually its filler, believe it or not. The manga of Sailor Moon, especially the first three volumes, does not give enough slice-of-life development to all of the Sailor Scouts which is disappointing.

For the anime, though, it uses filler to give so much more life to each scout, letting them live through situations that normal teenage girls would go through.

#38 Dragon Ball

Get a fistful of adrenaline, deaths, and action sequences then dump that into a steaming pot. The result that you get is the Dragonball franchise.

The first Dragon Ball installment introduced a child Goku who took a part of a much more grounded power system that emphasized learning and mastering the martial arts.

Dragon Ball Z shows an older and stronger Goku. Ki, latent energy that derives from life force, is how most fights are decided on. With Ki, fighters are able to blast beams of potent energy at opposing enemies.

This can be clearly seen with Goku’s Kamehameha or Frieza’s topnotch accurate finger blast that kills… best not spoil that.

Villains are plentiful and very memorable in Dragon Ball Z for characters such as Cell and Majin Buu line the shelves of stores, homes, and the internet.

Dragon Ball Super is the latest installment of the franchise. The anime is still ongoing and it carries the legacy of remaining a true fighting series, in and out.

We also get the ultimate Ultra Instinct that gave Goku a massive power boost that granted him the title of strongest shonen character in all of anime.

Often referred to as the father of the Big Three (Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece), Dragon Ball has had a significant impact on many series that followed it and allowed the genre of shonen to blossom into the behemoth that it is now.

#37 Durarara!!

By the same author of Baccano. Although the show did not accomplish the combination of “timelines” like Baccano did, Durarara!!

found its own feet with its enhanced soundtrack, remarkable characters, and a world that seemed too large and full of secrets to explore in even hundreds of episodes.

The first half of the first season is shockingly incredible and demonstrates just how good worldbuilding in an anime can entrance an audience (yeah I’m looking at you One Piece).

#36 One Punch Man

One Punch Man finds success by creating a serious world that raises stakes constantly while at the same time, exists a man that must suffer because no matter how hyped up a villain is or how much they train, Saitama can knock them out with one punch.

The way Saitama got to the state he is in seems immensely improbable (100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 10 km run every day) but is real, nonetheless.

Unfortunately for Saitama, his deeds and fights often don’t get the media attention so he isn’t a popular hero in any sense.

On the contrary, he starts off as the weakest “ranked” hero and gets underestimated because of his terrible outfit (yellow jumpsuit with red gloves and boots) and bald hair cut.

In the world exists other heroes are given cool names and powers which empower the series from a character standpoint.

Some fan favorites include the Terrible Tornado herself, Tatsumaki, and robot hero Genos. A hilarious gag in the show is the presence of King.

Known to be the strongest man of the world and ranked 7th in the S-Class rank, King is actually a total wimp and has never actually defeated a monster in combat.

He instead trembles from fear so much that monsters fear that it is his “engine” getting ready to wipe them out. I guess you could say he’s the “Zero Punch Man”… no, a bad joke?

#35 Your Lie in April 

Beautifully animated and equally as depressing. The show distributes its depressing moments through the show which can be a good or bad thing.

This way you won’t break down in a mental breakdown that scars you for the rest of your life but rather, you constantly feel dispirited as the characters reach their highs and experience their lows repeatedly, leaving you in a ball of sorrow during the entire show.

Your Lie in April follows Kousei Arima and his bounceback into his musical career.

His life before coming back to music was ruined with the death of his mother.

She was the only reason he played the piano as it excited Arima’s mother that her son could play so beautifully.

Arima ultimately came back to the music scene because of Kaori Miyazono, a violin player that played without restrictions, a sight that gave new life to Arima.

Apart from the musical aspect of the show, there is a romantic triangle that provides tension between three of the characters.

Usually, when there is a love interest between three different people, it usually ends badly for at least one character, if not, more.

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#34 Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki, the hyperactive ninja! Enter the nation of Konoha and join the young man as he attempts to become the Hokage.

One of Naruto’s traits that makes him rather likable is his rather sad childhood.

Shortly after being born, Naruto and his family were attacked by a masked man (who we now know to be Obito) so that he could unleash the wrath of Kurama within Naruto’s mom onto Konoha.

To save the newborn Naruto, both his mother and father sacrificed themselves, forcing the kid to grow up without parents.

Naruto would constantly be bullied because he would inherit Kurama from his mother.

The show quickly gets to a rapid start with an epic fight between Zabuza and Team 7 consisting of edgelord Sasuke Uchiha, the utterly useless Sakura Haruno, and Naruto.

The emotional stress of seeing Sasuke supposedly in death’s door and experiencing the death of Haku who considered himself a weapon as opposed to a human really broke the viewers and gave Naruto a dark mood.

Intertwining storylines connect repeatedly in the show and contribute satisfying reveals, fights, etc.

The brotherly distrust between Sasuke and Itachi is a highlight from the original Naruto towards the end of Naruto: Shippuden.

The disconnect between the two brothers starts when Itachi murders all of the Uchiha clan, the prized family line that specializes in the use of genjutsu and the Sharingan.

When the cumulative audience finds out that Itachi only did it so that his brother could get strong enough to combat the future evil that would plague the world, believe me, it made Sasuke look like a bit**.

One would argue that the Pain Arc is the absolute peak of the show.

The events preceding Pain’s involvement in Konoha would impact the arc as a whole as we witness the sheer strength of Pain through the death of Jiraiya-sensei.

When Pain finally arrives to Konoha and unleashes his “SHINRA TENSEI”, you know sh** is about to GO DOWN.

The arc displays the best entrance in all of anime, one of the best fights, and a star-spangled display of Naruto’s infamous Talk no Jutsu.

#33 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Exciting and over the top. It is both stupid and ridiculously fun and the animation style highlights the quirkiness of the show.

The show was adapted by Gainex but the animation style would be carried on by Studio Trigger for future shows.

Since it is often wacky and serious when it needs to be, the two main characters definitely reflect that same sentiment.

Simon starts off as a curious, reserved kid that looks up to his older friend Kamina. Simon tends to be the more serious of the two and attempts to look at his situations from a logical standpoint.

Kamino is the type to shout everything that he has to say and his personality is very spunky. He is not afraid to jump into the action, even if the situation is not in his favor.

A significant time skip occurs during the show but I won’t spoil what happened prior to its start.

Instead, you should know that the time skip was necessary to see a growth in a certain character’s development and to reflect on another’s unfortunate demise.

Have not checked out the dubbed version but the subbed version is more than spectacular, especially considering the amount of work Kamina’s voice actor must deal with.

If you are into the wacky stuff, please check this gem out.

#32 My Hero Academia

Follow Deku and his Class 1-A classmates as they attempt to become the best heroes.

My personal highlights of the show are its spectacular soundtrack and interesting character designs.

The soundtrack gives many scenes dramatic tension which makes us hype for fights; this is especially true in the fight between Deku and Todoroki.

Tensions flare up as Deku pressures Todo into using the full extent of his powers, a revolting thought for Todo as his flame power reminds him of his father (a rather abusive man despite being the current no. 1 hero).

As the vibrant music of “You Say Run” starts to rise in tempo and volume, the flames of Todoroki begin to erupt and set himself up for a final attack on Deku, a notion that could potentially leave Deku harmed beyond recovery.

Character designs in the show are unique and give the heroes a way to express themselves past simple dialogue.

For example, you can clearly see that Midnight has a dominatrix attitude which is evident with her whip and easy to rip clothing.

New characters such as Mirko have not had much time to establish their character so we must rely on their hero costume and believe me when I say there are already countless Mirko fans based solely on her appearance.

My Hero Academia has become an anime icon in The United States for its inspiration from American superheroes from the Marvel and DC universes.

With two movies out and four seasons, My Hero Academia is hot right now and you should check it out.

#31 Psycho-Pass

In a world where, per intense calculations, a system of computers can determine what you are best skilled at and your best occupation for the sake of society.

That same system can also determine whether somebody has the latent potential to be a criminal.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well as you progress through the show it becomes evident that there is a mystery behind the system and a certain ethical problem.

We meet a character that has been incarcerated since he was five years old because of the system’s calculations.

If you simply imagine the mental toll that could have on a kid, it sure does bring up questions about the system’s morality.

Also, the guns given to investigators can measure a person’s intent to conduct criminal activity, and if it’s low, then the individual would be taken out of society and into incarceration.

If a person’s intent is passed a certain point, then the gun becomes a lethal weapon which then in turn will kill the person, even if they have not committed a crime yet.

The unique aspect of the show are the Enforcer characters, especially Shinya Kogami.

Although he was formerly an investigator, his obsession with a certain case caused his intent to rise to unfixable highs.

Given a second chance by the system, Kogami must serve as a dog, taking on the worst of cases to save the mental fortitude of newer recruits.

It’s a rather terrible predicament but Kogami’s actions speak towards the ethicality and mystery of the system that we want to know about so badly.

#30 Haikyuu

THE volleyball anime of anime. Haikyuu follows Shoyo Hinata and his Karasuno teammates as they attempt to return Karasuno High back to its former glory.

Haikyuu is largely character-driven, placing the players in full display. As a viewer, you get to experience their insecurities, cute habits, or their absolute worst pet peeves.

Here’s a quick rundown of the team. Hinata has some massive hops and does not shy down from a confrontation despite being so short.

Nishinoya has the same voice actor as Bakugo from My Hero Academia so that should tell you all something about his energy.

The only player is shorter than Hinata, as well. Tsukishima, on the contrary, is the tallest on the team.

An elite defender, Tsuki is known for his smartass attitude and for not putting any effort into anything that he is doing.

Daichi is the captain of the team, as well as the dad… somehow… He specializes in defense and instills confidence into the team by being reliable and consistent.

Kageyama is the setter so open play revolves around him nearly every play but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he is immensely dense and is terrible at communication as a whole.

Tanaka is the ultimate hype man while the ace, Asahi, shies away from any confrontation that isn’t deemed necessary (truly a big teddy bear).

Even bench players such as Suga and Yamaguchi are really impactful with their high energy and anxiety, respectfully.

As the show progresses, we get the insight into the rival teams and every team that Karasuno plays against is special in their own way.

Nekoma is in a similar situation as Karasuno as they attempt to raise the team from the dumps.

Shiratorizawa was an especially difficult match that saw the likes of Ushijima, the best spiker in the country, experience defeat.

Of course, you can’t forget about the charisma of Oikawa from Aoba Johsai High and the senpai-like aura that hangs around him.

#29 Samurai Champloo

VIBES. If I could describe Samurai Champloo in one word it would be “vibes”.

The story shows the daily challenges of living in Japan during the age of samurai and the tendency of people in power to take advantage of those in more unfortunate situations.

The entire atmosphere of Samurai Champloo reflects that sad reality and our main characters Mugen and Jin attempt to trek the world without losing to the somberness that exists around them.

The music itself makes up the majority of the enjoyment of the show as it develops you into the self-sustained atmosphere that it has going for it.

The opening is a hip-hop inspired beat that really gets you into the mood to watch the show and witness the sporadicity of Mugen and the dead calm precision of Jin. That’s the next important subject of the show.

The remarkable relationship between Mugen and Jin. Mugen is a disruptive, bound to nothing type of guy while Jin is the complete opposite.

Mugen may represent chaos but Jin is tied to the ideals that he grew up with which was that by remaining disciplined and not rushing into things, you will succeed with the sword.

The only balance between the two is Fuu, the girl that travels with them.

The connecting plot of Champloo is the search for a samurai that Fuu speaks of with both Mugen and Jin who pique their interest.

The episodic rhythm of the series does not get boring as the trio arrives at new destinations while always seeking new and stronger opponents to spar with.

The subbed is spectacular for this show but the dub does a perfect job of getting English speakers to fall in love with the characters so either version is fine for a watch through.

#28 Serial Experiments Lain

A young girl, Lain, lives in the world as more of a stump than an actual human.

Finding out that Lain’’s soul isn’t even present on her body, it’s disheartening to see Lain need to connect all these wires to herself just to find out about herself on the Net or Wired.

The show itself is a battle to see what is real and whether it’s actually important if anything is real.

A key theme of having to be known in order to exist is heavily quoted and referenced upon in the show and Lain has to learn just how correct the phrase is through her actions and her ultimate end where she accepts the quote and uses it to its best extent.

Another dilemma that the individuals of Serial Experiments lain find themselves in is the difference between the Wired (what we perceive as the Internet) and the real world.

What makes a human a human and a machine. Why aren’t real people just machines with neurons that grow from biological technology? It’s these questions that the show dives into and it’s these questions that make us want to watch in order to find out.

#27 Bakemonogatari 

The anime of “intellectuals”. The wordplay in the show is satisfying to no end and the images and effects that the anime produces to coincide with the thoughts of the characters are brilliantly abstract and detailed.

This show would be known as a universal literary masterpiece if the highlight of the entire Monogatari series wasn’t a five-minute scene where Araragi brushes the teeth of his sister in the most sexual and downright erotic way possible.

For Bakemonogatari, specifically, the charm of the show derives from Araragi and his pervertedness. It is honestly next-level stuff.

Enough of the pleb talk, Bakemonogatari utilizes Araragi as the problem solver for the situations that other characters must be saved from.

Since he is the sole individual that can do anything for these other people, he is present in all of the show’s situations and must save people who cannot save themselves.

This places a large pressure on his shoulders as he must carry hurt individuals from their physical, mental, or emotional enemy.

I should mention that he is Team Edward (Twilight reference… ya know… because he is an ex-vampire… okay only I enjoy Twilight…).

By taking advantage of his quick regenerative power, Araragi embarks on these spiritual journeys to free people who are in the same situation that he once found himself in.

The problems that we witness are anime-only problems but oftentimes are problems that hit really close to home and that may be why the Monogatari series as a whole connects with many people.

For example, Tsubasa must deal with her trauma of having abusive parents and Sengoku must come face to face with her inability to accept her romantic rejections in life.

Bakemonogatari presents real mental struggles and gives them physical and living qualities, making them a million times scarier.

#26 Konosuba

The comedy-adventure of an amusing cast of characters.

There is Kazama, an avid otaku that is taken to this other world after being given the choice of a new life.

His personality may be interpreted as rotten to the core but, in reality, he is the spitting image of what a real otaku would do if transported to an RPG world. His panty thieving ability is a solid foundation of that reality.

Aqua is a goddess that proves to be absolutely useless in this world except for her using her powers to perform party tricks or to shoot a gust of water at Kazuma’s nuts.

Megumin is the loli queen that dominates the body pillows of millions of “cultured” people. In the show, she is the innocent mage that specializes in a SINGLE attack for the sake of her ancestry.

This one attack is a large explosion that can decimate anything in its path.

The problem is that she can only use it once a day and right after performing it, she collapses and is unable to walk for a long while. Is this the crew meant to defeat the endgame demon lord at the end of the story?

Finally, its Darkness’s time to shine. She is a knight that protects everyone at any cost and gives up her body on multiple occasions to save the lives of the crew.

Pretty heroic wouldn’t you say? There could not possibly be anything that could cause her character to be as useless as the others.

Wait… she has zero accuracies and always misses her hits… without fail.

But she is still the savior that protects everyone for righteous reasons, right? Oh, so she does it because she is a masochist and reels from pleasure as she experiences pain and verbal abuse… well then.

Seeing them struggle to level up and advance as a crew is honestly a refreshing and incredibly funny take on the life of an otaku turned isekai character so check the show out if you are looking for a good laugh.

#25 Fruits Basket

The original adaptation of Fruits Basket was excellent in terms of incorporation of story elements but the animation itself was lacking, thus a large audience was not attracted to it.

The most recent adaptation of Fruits Basket gives justice to the show’s beauty by adding some of that good stuff into the transformations and relationships.

Fruits Basket has a long-lasting impression on most of its viewers with its metaphors and analogies that make us think of the bigger picture.

In episode three, Tohru is making onigiri (rice balls) for the home and she comes up with a clever saying for those in the home.

In essence, the saying is that everyone has delicious plums on their back which they cannot see themselves.

These plums can represent the good in a person or their positive attitude. It is easy to see the plums of others and to see how big one’s plum can be but yours can be equally as big, if not bigger and you would not know.

When you idolize or follow someone, in reality, you have to remember your own worth before you start giving your life to something that you might already have.

Its lessons such as this that make Fruits Basket the show that it is today.

#24 Slam Dunk

An early sports anime that helped shape the future of all sports anime. The show was extremely “anime” with its intense and plentiful cut shots and an immense amount of inner dialogue.

You can clearly see how shows like Kuroko no Basket, Diamond no Ace, and even Haikyuu took inspiration from Slam Dunk’s success.

Easily the most likable and relatable character is high school freshman Sakuragi Hanamichi.

After being dumped so many times in middle school and developing a hate for basketball, a certain introduction to a chick he met in high school would lead him to join the high school basketball team, a sport that he vowed to not play.

When you’re a simp, anything goes if the love of your life says so apparently.

The jokes and speeches that reflect real-life basketball is just such a treat that helps to overlook the old-styled animation.

It’s not even bad animation… it is similar to GTO in that sense. Definitely, a must-see dubbed for those American sports lovers.

#23 Kaguya-sama: Love is War

The ultimate battle anime where no actual combat is conducted. Instead, it is an all-out war in an attempt to convince the other to confess their love.

The first to confess is the first to lose. Psychological warfare where the one that loses must conform themselves to being the lesser of the two.

The joy of this show derives from just how KAWAII everything is. There is Chika, the kawaii popstar whose role in the show is to provide comedic support by being dense and just too darn cute.

The Chika dance ending is absolute proof. Ishigami is the introverted powerhouse that is always at the wrong place at the wrong time! Finally, the “friend” relationship between Kaguya and Shinomiya is so frustrating because they both love and care for each other.

If this war wasn’t going on, they would be the best couple in all of anime.

#22 Demon Slayer

According to Crunchyroll and Funimation, two anime streaming giants, this show was Best Anime of 2019 and Best Animation of 2019, respectively.

Boasting a solid four-character main group, Demon Slayer finds its stride with beautifully animated portrayals, quick humor, and insane fights.

From an animated standpoint, Demon Slayer stands leagues above almost any anime.

The amazing work that Studio Ufotable did on this series and the future work that it will do is a testament to just how good animation in anime can peak when it tries.

Some examples of how the animation brings the most out of the story can be seen in the less than subtle backgrounds and effects used in correlation with fight choreography.

Just pause the show at any point in time (except comedic gags) and you’ll see a painting worthy of being hanged up.

The first episode where Tanjiro finds himself distraught in the snowing forest goes to show how much the background can affect the screen as the snow and wind both contribute to a realistic portrayal of Tanjiro having all sorts of things going against him.

The effects and drawn sequences for fights is near perfection. Zenitsu’s attacks are flashy and quick and the animation takes full note of that and emphasizes on those two areas for every time Zenitsu is in peril.

Tanjiro using his Water Breathing technique to slay his enemies is a real beauty because his blade appears to reproduce crashing waves that are immensely stunning.

Popularity for this show really took off after the fight between Tanjiro and Rui in episode 19.

Most of you may recognize the reference to episode 19 but it is just a fact that the entire episode was crafted to perfection.

The conversation between Shinobu and Zenitsu clearly foreshadowed later events as it is mentioned that life flashes before one’s eye before they meet their death.

Per cue, Tanjiro was able to unlock his Hinokami (Flaming God) technique as he remembered his father’s old fire dancing routine.

Simply seeing Nezuko and Tanjiro working together to defeat Rui was satisfying as hell since earlier in the episode we see the obvious disconnect between Rui and his own sister through his domestic abuse.

With a movie coming out and the new season fast approaching, now is the time to catch up before the content starts piling up.

#21 Made in Abyss

After the first three episodes, the show really starts to pick up and demonstrates just how vast, unexplored, and really messed up in a hidden sinister tone.

Humans survive as the top of the food chain in our world for the most part but in the abyss, you are at the very bottom.

This is the harsh reality that many adventures find out when they are being eaten by a giant flying cat-like creature.

They aren’t necessarily being targeted but it is simply nature’s course that brings the demise of many humans in the abyss.

The specifics of the abyss are unnerving as the author creates conditions concerning the abyss that become frightening the more you learn about it.

For example, one you reach a certain floor and you try to climb up then you will be subject to vomiting.

Go farther down and try to go up and you start bleeding from every hole and pore in your body. There is even a point of no return.

The main characters such as Riko and Reg are still kids and the show reminds you of this any chance they get by demonstrating their need for affection/touch or even by their unwarranted curiosity.

Hopefully, more of the manga gets adapted and we are able to explore more of the abyss with everyone.

#20 Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo is the story of a young man aspiring to be a boxer like the greats that he has seen on television.

This young man named Makunouchi Ippo dreams of the day that he gets to square off against the greatest fighters of the world in order to secure a life for his mother and to fulfill his desire of knowing what it means to be strong.

For my English-speaking viewers, the dub of this show is just as compelling as the sub so don’t be afraid to give the dub a chance.

Forte of the series is its ability to give every fight enough emotional backing for the viewers to care about the two boxers in the ring.

Whether it be intense training or starving oneself in order to stay in shape, each boxer goes into a fight with a grudge in their shoulder and the intent to kill in their eyes.

We get to realize that boxing is not merely a hobby for the fighters but a lifestyle.

In order to win, you must be willing to sacrifice everything that you own including your life as one can easily break their ribcage (Sendo in his second bout with Ippo, for example).

The fights themselves are wonderfully crafted to make it feel as personal as possible.

Personality dominates the types of punches that are thrown and the animation for every jab or hook is aimed to be breathtaking in the literal sense.

You know a punch lands when the flow of air goes against the punched and the pupils of the victim widen to a frightening size.

If you’re unsatisfied with how the anime ends, the manga of the series continues to this day, 30 years strong! That’s a lot of content to get through so get reading because it is so worth it.

you may also like Waifu

#19 Detective Conan

Detective Conan has been going on for a WHILE. Although it is not as popular here in the States, Conan is a massive icon in Japan and even has rail lines, an airport, and a whole town named after him.

With about 22 individual movies and going on for countless years, Detective Conan is the symbol of Japanese TV.

Shenichi was turned into a kid after taking a pill which made him a detective with a child-like appearance.

Unfortunately, he cannot allow people to know that he was transformed into a kid but he is a genius at his craft so it’s relatively easy for him.

A trusty tool of his is his bowtie which allows him to change his voice.

In terms of the plot, Detective Conan utilizes many murder mysteries and some are especially impactful.

In one episode, the crew was sent to a town just to learn that the person that called them has been dead for years.

After staying and witnessing multiple murders occur in the matter of a day, it is soon discovered that the son of the original dead figure was the murderer and reasoned that he did so because the people he killed had killed his father.

One event led to another and the son decided to kill himself in the fire just like his father in the eyes of the Detective.

A traumatic occurrence that haunts Conan the rest of the season despite the episodic format.

#18 Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga quickly takes a dark turn and it is up to Thorfinn to take the mantle of the show after the death of his father.

This Viking-orientated anime takes place during a period of struggle between Danish, English, and Welsh nations.

Vikings are hired as mercenaries on the side of the Danes in order to occupy the land of the English island.

Thorfinn joins this conflict in order to avenge his father who was killed by one of the Vikings hired by the Danish, Asked.

Surprisingly enough, Thorfinn grows up in the same ship as the man that killed his father, awaiting the day that he defeats the man in a duel.

Thorfinn’s relationship with Askelad is mutualistic in the sense that as long as Thorfinn accomplishes tasks set to him by Askelad, then he will reward Thorfinn with a duel.

Thorfinn never gives up despite losing every single match for years and does not kill Askelad cold-blooded in order to not bloody the name of his honorable father.

Thorfinn’s other rival is the mighty Thorkell, a man that far surpasses the heights of the tallest men and a body frame built to take down an ox.

Thorkell himself is a violent man that only lost to the likes of Thors, Thorfinn’s father.

Despite the comparisons, it’s evident that Thorkell fights for vengeance and lusts for the throat of his enemy to be cut.

Thors, on the other hand, tired of the same nonsensical fighting and wanted to settle down into a peaceful village and lay his sword down.

Where many may find that to be weak, it’s evident that for such a strong man, it has to be extremely difficult to leave the battlefield behind and force himself to raise a family without the onset of danger knocking on their doors.

#17 Parasyte-the maxim-

When a parasite suddenly enters the body of Shinichi, he is met with a surprising accord.

Allow the parasite to live in the boy’s arm and live side by side with one another or develop the boy’s entire body.

This makes for an interesting powerup for Shinichi as he discovers that there are plenty of humans that gave up their bodies and let a parasite overtake their system.

It goes without question, the highlight of the show is the character development of Shinichi as he lives life with a parasite for an arm.

At the start, he is this weakling that cannot defend himself, for the most part.

By the climax, Shinichi finds the parasite essential to growing strong, even corrupting Shinichi of greater ideals than to live measly as a mere human. Either way, Parasyte is a must-see and a must-read if you are interested.

#16 Devilman Crybaby

The ten-episode series follows the life of Akira as he must learn to use his new Devilman ability for good.

As a strong devil occupies the body of the young and shy Akira, his personality starts to take a turn for the worse as he is corrupted by Amon.

The strength of Devilman Crybaby is the ambiguity of the morality of characters such as Ryo.

Although he is trying to free the world of demons in the world, he is willing to sacrifice all the lives necessary.

A prime example is the club scene in the first episode where Ryo starts slicing people’s necks and chests in order to summon demons that Amon could kill.

Relatively short and ridiculously gruesome, Devilman Crybaby is a Netflix original that is a must-watch for all anime fans that enjoy a story that won’t necessarily end well for anybody.

#15 Ouran HighSchool Host Club

After an unfortunate incident, Haruhi Fujioka must work as a host at the Host Club where she broke the vase that landed her in the situation.

Haruhi finds out that she is actually pretty good at what she does and proves to favor her situation within the club.

The show is clearly the best reverse harem of its kind. Although it is initially not known to the male host members that Haruhi is a female because of her boyish appearance, they hire her to their club to serve its customers.

This serves in the show’s popularity as it is a show that pokes fun at society’s indifferent attitude towards homosexuality and gender-fluid characters.

This came during the early 2000s where the atmosphere around homosexuality and gender-fluid/ neutral individuals was less than favorable.

This concept is even more relevant in today’s environment creating an interest for even the viewers of this decade.

#14 Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World

Re: Zero is a constant tear jerker as you must experience Subaru’s despair during every episode.

Re: Zero is a battle to watch, not because it is bad, but because it causes such emotional anguish as we connect to the characters so passionately.

Subaru has an ability to revert to a past time after death but even so, when we see a character die, it’s truly disheartening.

Rem is the ‘best girl’ of the series. Need proof? Just take a quick look at episode 18 of the first season.

In this episode, Rem solidified her place as the ultimate goal of all weebs and normies alike.

It is a bold move to admit to a guy that you have a=envisioned a future where you both will find work, live in a respectable home, and even have children that will run around the place.

So when Subaru rejected her by asking for her help to get Emilia’s attention, the collective fandom gave a big F*** Y** to Subaru.

Season two of the series is currently out at the time of writing this and it has continued the greatness that is Subaru’s misery.

#13 March Comes in Like a Lion

The story of a professional shogi player, Rei, and his struggles as a depressed high school kid.

Rei lives by himself and occasionally has supper with the Kawamoto family but it isn’t fulfilling enough to combat his constant state of loneliness that he causes for himself.

The show doesn’t just concentrate on Rei but the other casts of characters as well.

Almost Monogatari-Esque, characters are presented with a problem that they must solve themselves while being backed by others.

When they fail to find backing, these problems are likely to consume the individual to no end.

In Hina’s case, she must deal with the constant bullying conducted her way and everyone else in the class chooses to ignore her problem.

If they were to involve themselves, the situation would be solved.

March Comes in Like a Lion may be a pretty sad story with a depressed main character but it is a story that you have to watch, nonetheless, for the reality, its questions pose and we must learn that we have to deal with these problems with others before it becomes too much to bear.

#12 Gintama

The king of anime comedy, even its title is a play of words that deserves a shoutout.

The word Gintama itself means “silver soul” but exchange the Japanese sound “gin” to “kin” and the word Kintama is a reference to testicles.

A childish but hilarious pun. Gintama is popular for its numerous parodies of other popular anime and western television which include: Captain Tsubasa, One Piece, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and even the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

The humor of Gintama is really unique and it implements fighting scenes to take a break from the constant gags but immediately goes right back to being all jokes when it gets the tiniest bit serious.

The main character, Gintoki, owns a business called Odd Jobs GIn where he performs tedious or insignificant jobs that no one else is willing to do.

Into this mess, Gintoki drags Shinpachi and Kagura against their wills but every job or trouble that they run into is an exhilarating ride that the audience gets to enjoy.

The actual plot of the story takes about 50 episodes to get to but by the time you are there, you would already be entranced by the comedy gold that is Gintama.

#11 One Piece

One Piece is the master of world-building. Unlike long shows that rely on already existing locations or the same fictional location for years, One Piece builds its world so that even after actual decades, the entire world would still be enveloped in massive mystery. Luffy D.

Monkey, the main protagonist, is just a lovable character as well that sticks to his guns.

He might be stupid and foolish but if something is not right, he won’t be afraid to fight for the righteous.

The remainder of Luffy’s pirate crew consists of Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Nico Robin, Usopp, Chopper, Frankie, and Brook.

The entire “Nakama” aspect of the crew establishes a deep connection with everyone and each shares a special relationship with one another.

The entire cast of the show is too immense to list off and this goes to show just how vast the world is.

Oda, the writer, has been going at it for 20+ years and continues to hype its audience with each successive arc.

Pre-time skip, we had arcs such as Water 7 and Enies Lobby that transitioned into the hard-hitting Marineford Arc that transformed the entire show.

The threat of another monumental arc for a post-time skip is on the near horizon and it is just a matter of time before Wano ends and we enter the endgame of the series and we witness another Marineford War of even greater proportions.

#10 Fate/Zero

Despite its exposition-filled first two episodes and a rather slow first season, Fate/Zero delivers greatly for it in its second season.

The first season is not bad either, if you are a lore junkie then the first season would be right up your ally.

Just the introduction of all of the Masters and their Servants is oddly satisfying, getting the show ready for a steamy second season.

One of Fate/Zero’s many attractions is its gorgeous animation. Also produced by Ufotable, the fights are heightened through the power of sleek animation alone.

Many, though, forgot to mention the psychological warfare that takes place in the show.

The affair between Kiritsugu and Keiri Kotomine is the best rivalry of the show.

Most reason that fights start is because of conflicting ideas between two different parties.

The fight between Kiritsugu and Keiri, though, is a result of two different people with the same ideology deciding their fates through heartless methods and believing that they are fighting for justice despite being immensely corrupt.

Once your five episodes in, Fate/Zero wraps you in a pig’s blanket and sucks you into the world of Fate so convincingly.

The interest of finding out what other heroes from the past that Fate has adapted manages to get the viewer to watch its other installments such as Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works and Fate/Apocrypha (just to name a few) before finally you reach gacha hell and you are playing the mobile Fate/Grand Order games in an attempt to obtain your favorite waifu from the series.

#9 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

This anime requires an acquired taste to enjoy. At least that’s what I like to tell myself when somebody tells me that the style is too wacky to watch.

If you are an anime fan at all, then you have seen JoJo fans litter every space of media instilling their bizarre ideas that stem from the show.

According to them, nearly everything is a JoJo reference. Simply referring to JoJo references is a JoJo reference.

It’s nearly impossible to escape the mind games of JoJo fans these days.

The first part of JoJo’s titled Phantom Blood introduces the gentleman-like figure Jonathan Joestar, a truly righteous man that aims to disperse all forms of evil.

In this part, we get introduced to the infamous Dio Brando who immediately kicks Jonathan’s dog at first glance.

Let’s not forget that Phantom Blood also gave us the precious gem that is Speedwagon.

In the second part named Battle Tendency, the people’s favorite is a non-stop show of pure Joseph Joestar’s greatness.

Unlike the gentleman Jonathan, Joseph is a rambunctious figure that fights for the greater good in a quirky and irregular manner.

Famous for techniques such as “running away”, Joseph brought a breath of fresh air to the franchise.

Part Three is often the favorite of many as it includes the heavy hitter Jotaro Joestar and the all-star gang consisting of Avdol, Kakoyin, Polnareff, and the very own-but very old Joseph Joestar. Can’t forget about the mascot of the team, IGGY.

Diamond is Unbreakable, the fourth part has a much more small-town feel as opposed to the third part which had the gang travel through Asia and northeastern Africa.

The new Joestar is the uncle of Jotaro Joestar, the much younger Josuke Higashikata.

He had beef with anybody that messed or made fun of his hair…ANYBODY.

Everything takes place in the small town of Moriah where all the villains and heroes of the story are from.

The latest installment is named Golden Wind and stars Giorno Giovanna, the man with a dream to become a GANGSTAR.

The sound design in JoJo’s is usually exceptional but in Part 5, it goes another level.

Every punch, transition, and Stand release was as creatively and realistically possible while retaining room to match the perfect soundtrack that seemed to develop the show.

The entire Passione gang of Bruno Buccarati were given backstories and personality traits that caused us to fall in love, even more so when most met their demise fighting for what they believed in.

Overall, Jojo can be considered the most iconic anime series as of late and is the topic of discussion no matter where you look in the anime community.

Its popularity cannot be overlooked and it has graced us with the most iconic character of all time: DIO.

#8 Mob Psycho

The first and second season of Mob Psycho combines together to create a masterpiece of visual goodness and a whole-hearted story surrounding Mob and his attempts to live a normal life.

Mob (Shigeo Kageyama), is a powerful telekinetic that has powers, as evident by the second season, greater than any other telekinetic in the observable world.

The problem is that Mob does not want his telekinetic powers to overpower his life so he performs any activity, whether it be at school or at home, completely devoid of his power. Watch for the visuals, stay for the heartwarming story.

#7 Attack on Titan

The entire premise of Attack on Titan is too immense for even the characters in their own show to understand.

Without going into manga territory, the world of Attack on Titan is too big for our characters to see and the upcoming season four anime adaptation will give us those answers.

The start of the show was a hot iron to the face and kickstarted a lot of buzz from the anime community as well as people who enjoy media in general.

At no point in time did anime get so popular that both anime and non-anime watchers grew so hyped such as that first season of Attack on Titan.

Season 2 died down because of the hiatus in between but it was equally as enchanting. Season 3 has revamped the franchise with its slow first part before reaching greatness in its second part.

The fight between the Beast Titan and Levi is unforgettable, the choice of having to kill Erwin or Armin, and the lead up to the ocean has built so much hype once again that Attack on Titan has become such a cornerstone for anime viewers and creators alike.

Regarding manga content, if you thought the first three seasons were amazing, this final season that will be animated either this or next year, will be the greatest piece of fictional media to come out for that year, heck, maybe even the decade.

#6 Cowboy Bebop

The aesthetic of Cowboy Bebop is so appealing. From the jazzy soundtrack heightening the action sequences to the laid back atmosphere as the crew hangs in the ship, the show is a rollercoaster of moods.

As many others may recommend, the dubbed version is legendary in terms of providing the crew with immense personality and diversity so definitely check it out dubbed.

Cowboy Bebop, similar to other shows, is an episodic series. Each episode provides its own self-sustaining story that provides towards the overall atmosphere of the show.

It can be represented as serious yet playful. The first episode is a perfect tone-setter and it demonstrates just how harsh the Bebop world is.

Through the first twenty-four minutes, we are introduced to the bounty hunters Spike and Jet, a duo that is polar opposites but works together for the goal of earning money and feeling justified doing so.

In comes a troubled couple that is selling drugs in order to pay for their new home on another planet.

We familiarize ourselves with drug dealers and learn of their desire to head to a home where they can live a life free of the filth on Earth and we sympathize with them.

Unfortunately, Spike runs them into a corner because of their warrants and they run until they realize that their dream cannot come true anymore, so they end their lives by continuing into an array of bullets, essentially killing themselves. This show can be vibrant and fun but when its time to get serious, it accomplishes it so meaningfully.

#5 Hunter x Hunter

The 2011 adaptation of Hunter x Hunter is a masterpiece in all aspects of the word.

Thanks to Madhouse, the studio that animated the series, HxH sports the best animation around.

Another aspect that HxH has going for it is the spectacular writing that mangaka Togashi has been conducting for years.

Perhaps it’s due to his lackluster drawings, Togashi more than makes up for it with his ability to give the story a beating heart of its own.

Each character impacts the story significantly in their own way and nobody feels out of place in a scene.

For example, Togashi is not afraid to leave out main characters in arcs which can be seen with Leorio and Kurapika not being involved in the Chimera Ant events in NGL.

Instead of forcing them to share fights with Gon and Killua, both Kurapika and Leoriro get to develop in their own off-screen.

#4 Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate follows the actions of Rintarou Okabe and his initial group of lab partners consisting of hacker extraordinaire Hashida and long-time friend Mayuri.

Okabe himself is extremely paranoid and this is first shown to us through the conversations that he holds with himself into his phone (which is turned off by the way), stating that the “Organization” is attempting to spy into his life.

Although it may seem delusional, the apparent realism that the Organization takes up becomes a much greater problem than Okabe could have ever realized.

The show is focused on the concept of altering the past and the consequences that come with it.

What gives Steins; Gate such high ratings by fans and critics alike is its unique storyline and ability to dumb down the science at hand.

The show starts off by giving Okabe another chance to save the life of the scientist, Kurisu Makise.

He alters the past through his phone microwave, which Okabe does by sending emails back to the past.

The email causes change that only Okabe can see because of the “Reading Steiner” ability.

In other words, Okabe can influence the past and attempt to change it and he would be the only individual that would be able to still remember life before the past changed.

Eventually, the power to affect history increases, through the efforts of Makise, who manages to enable the transfer of one’s present mind to the mind of the same individual of a previous time.

Unfortunately for Okabe, this presents a massive problem midway through the show. The repeated death of Mayuri.

Okabe’s mental fortitude is wrecked by having to witness his best friend die every time that he sends time back.

As an audience, we see Okabe break down, again and again, every time failing to rescue Mayurii from her newly predestined fate.

These instances of pain and suffering are felt through the screen and having to experience the anguish of Okabe’s failure is just as hard on us, the viewer, as it is on him.

#3 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Lelouch vi Britannia headlines the show with his amazing wit and quick thinking.

When thrust into the position of power, Lelouche brilliantly manages to lead the struggling faction of rebels against the mighty Britannian Empire and achieve a victory.

In order to succeed, though, Lelouch had to receive power from a mysterious girl named C.C.

This power would be referenced as the “Geass”, the ability to force anyone to do his bidding, whether it be to fight or to simply kill themselves.

Lelouche keeps his identity hidden to his classmates, rebels, and enemies alike and occupies the pseudonym, Zero.

The conflict of the show arises from Lelouch’s anger towards his father, the ultimate leader of the Britannian government.

Imagine being disowned by being sent as a hostage to another country.

At the same time, Lelouch had to suffer as the country of his best friend was being destroyed and his sister lost her eyesight and ability to walk from being overly traumatized at the sight of her mother’s cold-blooded murder.

As the show progresses, Lelouch must deal with an increasing number of enemies including his righteous best friend who sees Zero has a hindrance to peace between the two nations, a rebel companion by the name of Kallen who questions the motives of Zero as being selfish, and his own siblings.

#2 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The story of Edward and Alphonse Elric and their journey towards salvation from the sin that they committed years ago.

The world of Fullmetal is ordered by the one founding principle: Equivalent Exchange. As the show puts it, “Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return.

To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange.”

What the Elric brothers failed to understand is that the world is not so black and white.

When dabbing in the alchemy of humans, there is a lost element that we can replace or replenish that is unique to all humans.

Therefore, when the Elric brothers try to bring their mother back to life, tragedy comes knocking on their door.

Almost as if fate itself was mocking them, Edward was forced to lose an arm and Alphonse had to lose his entire body with no success of bringing their mother back.

This show continuously shows us that humans often tend to overlook the smaller details in life by cutting corners or giving in to the sins that make their presence in the world.

In doing so, tragedy is almost guaranteed to occur. For example, the episode of Shou Tucker and his experiments demonstrated just how monumentally selfish humans can be.

In order to pass the Alchemist exam, a state-run exam that deems an individual worthy of staying in the corps, Tucker tried to take the easy way out by transfusing his own wife with another animal.

Now spouseless, Tucker goes over the same situation years later and repeats with his only daughter.

One of those few shows that I can actually recommend the dubbed version to my friends along with Cowboy Bebop.

#1 Death Note

From the start, Death Note is not afraid to demonstrate its gruesomeness and throw the audience into an ethical dilemma.

Do you support Light as he aims to make the world a better place or do you aid in L’s efforts to take down the childish behavior of the “pretend” god?

The concept of having the power to kill anyone simply by seeing their face and knowing their full name is indeed a scary one.

For Light Yagami, the power and burden of the Death Note is one that he believes must only be carried in his hand.

Light recognizes that he may be considered evil for his actions but it is actions that, if carried out, might make the world a better place.

L, on the other hand, sees the power of the Death Note as a children’s game.

Who in their right mind believes that solving the world’s problems by causing a massive genocide is the right way to go.

While Light might justify his actions by claiming that he is killing people that deserve to die because of their immoral actions, L would rebuttal by stating that it’s not up to Light to decide that.

Who made Light Yagami God? Who allowed a human being to decide the life or death of another?

Why is the self-proclaimed God afraid of being caught… What kind of God is afraid of its own creations?


Now, this list may be ridden with nostalgia covered tracks or biased-filled barrels but the most important thing to take out of this list is that all 50 best anime is a must-watch.

There are anime I wish I could place on the list but there were just that many amazing titles.

Every season brings a new batch of interesting and diverse shows that fit the likes of many different people and countless anime have beaten the test of time.

It is a grand time to be an anime fan, especially since it is becoming more mainstream. This is where I leave you, folks. From one otaku to another, “See you, Space Cowboy…”

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