Things About Kallen Stadtfeld

things about kallen stadtfeld

10 things about Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass)

One of the hottest pilots to ever get in a mecha suit; Kallen is a bombshell of a character. 

She is one of the most skilled pilots and fighters in the anime; with titles like “Ace of the Black Knights” and “Captain of the Zero Squad”. 

She is a revolutionary, a terrorist, and a girl that’s deadly on the battlefield. 

Few characters have ever come close to her legendary mecha piloting skills or her legendary ability to look incredibly sexy while doing it. There is a lot going with this freedom fighter, so let’s check her out!

10# Q-1

Q-1 is the code name that the series protagonist, Lelouch (Zero), gives Kallen for her amazing skills in battle. 

The code references to the queen piece in chess. The most powerful piece in the game. 

Her piloting skills are a rival for the strongest groups of pilots in the anime, including the Knights of Rounds. She is one of, if not the best pilot in the entire anime. 


9# Loyalty and Power

In Lelouch’s assessment of the core members of the Black Knights measuring their loyalty and strength, Kallen had the highest “Loyalty Score” with 100 of a 100. 

She also had a 100 out of 100 on her “Combat Ability Score”. The busty redhead was an invaluable member of the Black Knights and a major reason while Zero and the terrorist group made it as far as they did. 

She was a fearsome asset for the underground Japanese fighters and possibly their greatest weapon in the early days. 


8# Fanservice Prone

Kallen can’t help but stumble into situations where she is naked or dressed in a risqué fashion.

I think a more memorable example from the anime is when she was put into a pink bunny girl outfit.

For some reason, that episode really sticks out in my memory lol. But even when she is not put into fanservice situations, Kallen just can’t help but look really badass and sexy in her normal pilot suit.


7# Her Name

Kallen has a Western and Japanese name. Her American name is Kallen (meaning pure) and her Japanese name is Karen (meaning beautiful as a lotus flower.)

Her Western surname is Stadtfeld (no idea if that has a meaning) and her Japanese surname is Kozuki (meaning Red Moon.)


6# Awards

Karen as a character won a few awards! from being awarded the Anime Grand Pix at 8th place.

She also placed 17th and 16th in the following two. Her voice actress (Ami Koshimizu) also won “Best Actress in Supporting Role” for her role as Karen at the first Seiyuu Awards in 2007.

It’s wonderful to see a great character get recognized and I’m sure it’s even better for the voice actresses when their hard work pays off!


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5# Difficult Character

In an interview reported by the anime magazine Newtype USA, Kallen’s voice actress said that voicing Kallen was difficult because of the double life that the character leads. 

Certain aspects of Kallen’s character such as her girlish naivete and competitiveness were apparently easy for the voice actress to relate to, however. 

If you think about Kallen’s character you can imagine how hard such a character would be to voice correctly. Despite the difficulty, Ami Koshimizu did an amazing job. Kallen has become a classic character and Waifu; in no small part because of her voice acting performance. 


4# Real Dad?

Kallen has a dad in another anime! Well its just a fan joke. Kallen has several similarities with Domon Kasshu from Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Their attitudes, pilot outfits, hair, and even their mecha have the same final move! Domon’s romantic interest, Rain Mikamura, has the same voice actress as Kallen’s mother, Yuri Amano as well!

So, fans of both shows jokingly say that Domon is her real Japanese father. Might make a good fanfic idea?


3# Left Out

In the Super Robot Wars X, during a DLC mission, it revealed that Kallen felt left out during the Zero Requiem. 

She admits that after learning how many people knew about the plan that she felt like they didn’t believe in her. She even tells Suzaku that they better not do something like that again to her. 

I remember that ending scene in the anime well, and I can only imagine what Kallen went through before and after. She certainly had a right to be upset that she wasn’t told what was going on. 

2# Character Poem

In the Code Geass Complete Best CD, several of the characters have poems. All of them are “addressed” to Lelouch and deal with “what if scenarios”.

Kallen’s poem is titled “Yuukyou Seishunka (Extolling the Brave Chivalry of Youth)”. Here are the first three lines:
“Until I met you, I was only merely plastered with thorns.
I wanted to change this truth.
I was seething and recklessly acted. But then, I didn’t believe that anything would come out of it.”

The rest of the poem only gets better and it’s an interesting insight into Karen’s feelings for Lelouch.


1# Relationship with Lelouch

Theirs was a complex one from the very beginning. Kallen did not like Lelouch at first but had a deep admiration and loyalty for his terror leader persona “Zero”.

Once discovering his identity Kallen began to fall in love with Lelouch himself. By the end of the anime, she was likely in love with him and is one of the only people to cry for him at the ending scene of the last episode.

A lot of people ship these two together, but I can’t personally. I mean… he caused her so much emotional drama!


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Kallen might be my favorite mecha pilot of all time. It was amazing how strong and skilled she was. She was the perfect combination of sexy and badass.

I think a lot of anime should continue to look back at Code Geass and Kallen specifically to see how to make and execute a great main female character mecha pilot.

Her character design, personality, character progression, and relevancy to the story’s plot; all lend her great credit.

If I were ever in a mecha battle; I can’t think of someone I would rather have on my side.

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