Things About Lucy Heartfilia

Things About Lucy Heartfilia

10 Things About Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

This girl is the mascot for blonde hotties in anime! She’s got the looks, she’s got the bust, she’s got the personality, and she’s got the magical power! 

Lucy is a classic anime Waifu and it’s not hard to see why. Let’s see what our favorite bouncy, celestial summoner is hiding and learn some interesting facts about her. You can bet a section in this is going to be on her fanservice! Hell, it will be the first thing!

10# Big Personalities 

All joking aside; Lucy has a great personality. She is an extremely fun character to watch and can run the gambit from silly, happy go lucky, confident, sexy, serious, and heartfelt. 

Her personality nearly always shines through during her scenes. She girl that is proud of her physical appearance and sexy appeal but never lets that become a point of seeming overly vain for her character. 

She has plenty of scenes to show off how confident she is and some of her outfits are the best I’ve seen in anime both in terms of good design and fanservice. Her bra size is also an F-cup…


9# Writer

Lucy isn’t all beauty; she is also a brain! The blonde is an avid reader and writer. She is even writing her own novel and previously worked as a reporter. 

She owns a pair of glasses called “Gale-Force Reading Glasses” that let her read at an extremely fast speed, which should tell you more about her love of reading! 

The novel she is currently working on will detail her adventures while in Fairy Tail. It will certainly be an exciting read and hope she was able to finish it!

8# Likes

Lucy has quite a few likes besides reading and writing. She is fond of cooking, her favorite food is yogurt, she loves to go shopping, and her ideal man is “assertive.” 

Her “Perfect Boyfriend List” includes Siegrain and Loke. Of note as well, on the opposite end, the only thing it seems she especially dislikes is her father. 

7# Home Invasion

Lucy’s Fairy Tail guildmates are always in her house. Its rarer to see her alone in her home than it is not to see Natsu, Happy, or Erza there.

Somehow a certain white-haired waitress got a copy of Lucy’s house key, this probably explains how they are always entering her home without her knowledge. 

She could just get a new lock though? Maybe she doesn’t mind the uninvited guests as much as she complains she does?

6# Lucy’s Creation

Originally, during Lucy’s creation, she used cards instead of keys to summon her Celestial Spirits. Her hair was also in two twin curly ponytails.

Her outfit was also more of a rich girl look; a dress with lots of ruffles. Besides those things though her design didn’t change much from concept to the final product. 

Her name was also given to her because the creator of Fairy Tail (Hiro Mashima) happened to be listening to “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by the Beatles. 

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5#  Rich Girl

Lucy was born into an extremely rich Heartfilia family. Sadly, her home life was not happy; her mother died when she was ten and her father neglected her to focus on is business. 

Despite being born into wealth and comfort, Lucy decided to run away and strike it out on her own. Super admirable for anyone to do and its one of the best parts about Lucy’s backstory and character. 

4# Not Afraid of Looking Good

Lucy has a colorful variety of great outfits and wonderful fanservice moments. 

She not afraid to try and flirt and activity tries to show off her good looks and charms. 

Some of her outfits have included a bunny girl suit, maid outfit, kimono (with the front open and cleavage showing a plenty), a catsuit, and several bikinis. 

Her normal outfits are well designed as well and are always great for watching her move around and fight in. 

3# Lucy x Elie

There is actually a crossover episode with Fairy Tail and Rave Master. Lucy briefly meets Elie and both girls are trying to find their male partners with “spiky, messed up hair.” 

Not too much happens in this crossover… Erza destroys a casino for some reason.

2# Celestial Mage

Lucy has access to a plethora of magic with the help of her Celestial Spirits. An interesting side note; as a Celestial Mage, promises are extremely important to Lucy, and she always does her best to keep her promises. 

If you look through her spell lists, you might be surprised by just how diverse of a magic-user she is. She can summon beings and incorporate their power into her body. 

She has earth magic, water magic, can increase her speed and strength, and more. If all that doesn’t work, she can always just use her whip as well!

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1# A Trusted Friend

Lucy is not the bravest or strongest character in the anime, but she is always there for her friends and guildmates. 

This value of friendship also extends to her spirits. She views her Celestial Spirits as friends and treats them with care and compassion. 

She never uses them as shields, unlike many other Celestial Mages that treat their spirits as tools. 

Lucy’s inner morals and convictions always impress me with how much they shine through like a bright star.


Lucy is a top tier character and Waifu. She has so much going for her with her looks, brains, personality, and morals. 

I wish that she had taken more of a leading role in the anime and hadn’t gotten overshadowed by Natsu. 

There is a lot you can take away from her character and if it weren’t for Erza she would the undisputed best female character in the show. 

I often go back and forth between which character is better (usually I say Erza) but what do you think? Who is better? Erza or Lucy? 

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