Things About Mai Sakurajima

things about mai sakurajima

10 things about Mai Sakurajima (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai)

This dark-haired beauty is the main female protagonist of the show. She is the first Waifu we see and get to know in the anime. 

Her bunny girl outfit is fairly famous now and if you type the name of the show on google that’s the first image that’s going to pop up. 

Mai in her bunny girl outfit is the perfect example of “come for the cute Waifu, stay for the great story”. There is a lot more to her than just a bunny girl suit though, so let’s find out some interesting things about Mia Sakurajima!

About Mai Sakurajima

10# The Child Star

Mai found fame early in her life. She was a model for television, magazines, and even books as a kid. 

It seemed she did enjoy the work, however, the crazy amounts of attention and pressure of being in the public eye took its toll on her mentally and emotionally. 

She briefly went on hiatus when her mother tried to trick her into doing a swimsuit photo op; the betrayal greatly hurt Mai and would color much of her views on modeling, and her mother’s manipulative nature, later on in her life. 

Mai’s experiences as a model have deeply affected her and are the main root sources for her struggles in the anime.


9# A Complex Tsundere

I almost don’t want to call Mia a tsundere because that feels like too simple a character description for her. 

She is a mature girl for her age (likely because of her professional modeling career) but is prone to tsundere like outburst when the main character Sakuta Azusagawa does or says something she finds pervy or embarrassing. 

She is not one dimensional as a character and her personality is strong but grounded. 

8# The Curse of Fame

Because of her modeling and later acting career, Mai was always in the center of media attention.

Once she went on hiatus it became difficult for her to make friends in school. Partially because she showed up later in the year, Mia couldn’t assimilate with her peers, despite her “popularity.” 

Well known but having no real connections to other people or real friends; her fame ironically led her to feel an intense desire to be forgotten by everyone. 

7# The Bunny Girl

The first time you see Mai in the anime is in her bunny girl outfit. Everyone likes bunny girls, but I should warn you, besides the first episode, Mai practically never wears it again. 

The reason for her wearing the risqué outfit actually makes sense in the first episode and is resolved fairly quickly. 

So, if you watch the show hoping for lots of bunny girl action, you might be disappointed; especially when Mai’s arc is over.

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6# The Girlfriend

So, unlike some other anime of this genre, the main character has a girlfriend. 

Mai is in a budding relationship with Sakuta and their dynamic is the focus for the romantic action in the show. It’s nice to see two characters that aren’t completely hopeless with their feelings, relationships and wants. 

It’s a breath of fresh air in the anime genre and I hope we see more realistic relationships like the one these two shares in the future. 

5# The Unnamed Mother

Mia’s mother was the catalyst for much of the plot in the first part of the show. 

She is the main source of antagonism for Mai to overcome in the anime. Despite her importance to the plot, she is an unnamed character. 

I find that to be an interesting choice on the writer’s part and wonder if leaving her unnamed was to show how distant and cold Mia’s mom is from her own daughter and people in general?

4# The Half-Sister

Nodoka Toyohama is the younger half-sister to Mai. The two started out having a great relationship, however, their parents fighting spilled over to them. 

Often the adults would compare the two in a game of one-upmanship for who was the more famous and better child. This resulted in Nodoka developing an inferiority complex to her elder sister. 

The results of this lead to some interesting episodes and heartwarming scenes later in the anime.

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3# Voice Actress 

Mia’s VA is Asami Seto. She has been the voice for some very fan loved characters in recent anime. 

Such as Raphtalia in “The Rising of the Shield Hero”, CZ2128 Delta in “Overlord”, and Miyoko Hōjō in “Food Wars”. 

Personally, I absolutely love Raphtalia’s and Delta’s performances; so, I hope this voice actress will be voicing more great characters in the future. 


2# There is a Movie

Something I didn’t know until I started writing this was that there is a sequel movie for the anime. 

It’s called “Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl” and is out right now. 

I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t watched it, but Mai has a major part in the movie from what I’ve read, and it might be a tearjerker! For those who watch it after reading this, good luck! 

1# Bunny Girl Senpai

I’ve touched on this a little, but it’s amazing how Mai in a bunny suit created so much attention and hype for the anime; especially when she doesn’t even wear it that much! 

It was a great marketing and showed how well her character design was for this type of anime genre. Mai stole the show before it began airing, and that is impressive.


Mai Sakurajima is a great female protagonist. She is the face of “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai” and the queen of the “girls in bunny girl outfits.”

She is a decently nuanced character with struggles that some of us may have never considered before and her relationship with the male lead of the show was a pleasant watch. 

I’m going to watch the movie to see how their relationship develops and I hope you do as well if you haven’t already. That all being said there are so many other great characters in this anime series. 

So, I want to know, who was your favorite Waifu in this high school supernatural, mystery anime?

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