Things About Mirajane Strauss

Things About Mirajane Strauss

10 things about Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

The S-Class mage, the model, the head waitress, the Demon, the She-Devil. This white-haired Waifu is a fan favorite for Fairy Tail watchers. 

Like more than a few women in Fairy Tail, she is not one to mess with, and don’t think just because she’s cute that she hasn’t earned the alias “The Demon” for nothing. 

Her backstory is heartbreaking, and her personality has more layers than you might believe at first. 

Let’s head into the wild guildhall of Fairy Tail and see what interesting things we can learn about Mirajane, our favorite demon transforming waitress.

10# Feared

Mirajane used to be a much scary person in her youth. She was well known and had a fearsome reputation in other guilds and criminal organizations. 

She was also a punk goth chick! Fitting with the style she was rebellious, temperamental, and not the politest or well-mannered speaker. 

She often bullied the other members of the guild and even scared the older members with her punk girl attitude. She even had a rivalry with a mini Erza going on and the two girls would often brawl. 

9# Younger Sister

Lisanna Strauss is the younger sister of Mirajane and her once believed death greatly affected Mirajane’s personality. The “demon” lost her desire to fight, most of her magic and her harsh personality did a complete 180.

Mirajane obviously cared deeply for her younger sister and seeing the two together is always heartwarming when there is a peaceful moment. 

Still, I love the idea that this super harsh teenage girl was so deeply affected by her younger sister’s death that she decided to change so drastically. It makes her current personally all the sweeter and touching. 

8# Personality Switch

You would not be able to recognize Mirajane from her younger self to her present one. When you first see her in the anime, she is a sweet, lovely girl that doesn’t seem to have an angry bone in her body. 

She treats practically everyone with kindness and is overall just a busty and happy girl. She has become somewhat of the “mom” of her guild and is taking care and looking out for everyone. 

She is extroverted and friendly; it would be an amazing time to just hang out with someone like her who has so much bubbly happiness and charming personality.

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7# Hobbies

Mirajane enjoys cooking, modeling, singing, and playing guitar. She seems to be the main source of fluff and life in the Fairy Tail guildhall. 

Unsurprisingly her nearly always happy mood and fun hobbies have made her very popular in and out of the guild. Another hobby might be, just being nice and wonderful?

 I mean, it must take effort to always be so calm and friendly with the daily madness that seems to happen in the Fairy Tail guild, and still be happy enough to sing and play on a guitar for everyone. 

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6# Model

As stated before Mirajane is a model, specifically for Sorcerer Magazine. She seems to have modeled for them several times.

 That’s no surprise consider in charming personality and amazing looks. With long flowing white hair, sparkling blue eyes, a curvy body with more than noticeable assets; few are better suited to be a model than her. Let’s all hope she does more swimsuit ones. 

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5#  Dislikes

Just because she is powerful and nearly always in a pleasant mood doesn’t mean that Mirajane doesn’t have things that bring her down. 

She hates cockroaches as most people do. She also dislikes being called stupid and is known to cry when people call her an idiot (glares at Gray.)

 She really doesn’t seem to have much else that bothers her beside people hurting her friends or the guild. 

4# Beautiful Demon

Mirajane’s most signature magic is “Satan Soul” which lets her take over the powers and abilities of demons. She also gets their badass looks. 

This magic gave her the nickname “The Demon” and is a powerful ability that gives her several abilities like super strength, flight, and dark magic. She also looks really badass… did I mention that?

3# Voice Actress

Mirajane’s voice actress is Ryoko Ono. She was more prevalent in the voice acting scene in the early 2000s and sadly doesn’t seem to be doing too much voice acting work currently. 

She has voiced, Jessica Lange in “Trinity Blood”, Iliya Arkadia in “Sound of the Sky” and Namie Sasaki in “PreCure!”

2# Pet Dog

The white-haired cutie has a pet! She adopted a stray dog; she claims though that it is still astray. 

Not sure why she is still saying that because the dog often comes to her house. The “stray” dog’s name is Alexandria Strauss and Mirajane considers the canine a member of her family… despite it being a stray (lol). 

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1# Fan Service Friendly 

The busty waitress has had plenty of great fanservice moments. Her modeling shoots, swimsuit battles, getting her top pulled off by Jenny and sunbathing with her top off to name a few. 

You could say her all her demon forms are fanservice to I suppose lol. However, I have to say that my favorite fanservice moments for her are when she is posing in a swimsuit.


Mirajane is the warm fluffy heart and soul of the Fairy Tail guild. She is a very well thought out character and her comparatively minor roles in the story could fool you into thinking she is a shallow character. 

She in fact has quite a bit of depth, and I found her backstory and personality change to be especially interesting. She has amazing looks, a fun personality, and awesome powers. 

I would be willing to make the argument that she might have the best backstory out of any of the Fairy Tale characters (Erza might be a contender though.)


What do you think? Does Mirajane have the best backstory in the show? Or should some else claim that title? 

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