Things About Mitsuri Kanroj

things about mitsuri kanroj

10 Things About Mitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer)

Here is a green and pink-haired, busty girl that could kick your butt! Mitsuri is one of the Hashira of Demon Slayer and possibly the most beautiful character in the show. 

She is certainly the bustiest. But there is more to her than meets the eye and a lot of her background story and abilities haven’t been shown in the anime yet. Here are some interesting facts about her!

10# Hair Dye 

This might be the opposite of what you’re thinking. This busty slayer of demons once in fact dyed her colorful pink and green hair black to try and appear normal. 

That’s pretty sad. She thought that the only way she would ever find a husband was to try and be normal. 

I can barely imagine seeing our cute girl’s colorful hair a depressing black! Pink and green for the win!


9# Lover of Food

Mitsuri is a big eater. Like a really big eater! Her expenses on food are noticeable higher than that of other Demon Slayers. 

She loves mochi and Western-inspired dishes such as pancakes and omurice. 

If you ask her what her favorite food is, she will say “Western”. I wonder if burgers are a thing in the Demon Slayer world? 

8# Slayer of Food

More food info! Mitsuri can eat 100 sticks of Dango! Giving the likes of Anko from Naruto a run for her money. 

Her hair color is also rumored to be the way it is because she ate too much sakura mochi. 

She also eats as much as three sumo wrestlers in a single day! The girl got an appetite! 

If you haven’t tried sakura mochi, or any mochi, I recommend it; don’t it too much though if you like your hair color!


7# Friends with Shinobu Kocho

We sadly didn’t see any interaction between our two beautiful swordswomen girls, but they are apparently good friends.

 Which is a good thing as being the only two female Hashira could get lonely. 

Mitsuri even teaches Shinobu how to cook western-style dishes on occasion.

 I think I could watch an entire episode seeing these two just doing normal stuff on a peaceful day. Or a beach episode… that would be nice too. 


6# Lover of animals

Mitsuri has a pet rabbit! She has also named a few of her attacks after cats. 

She used to own a few as a child. Also, her and Gyomei Himejima the Stone Hashira, often enjoy talking about cats together. 

An interesting thing to picture with those two, but I would still love to see it one day in the anime! 

Nothing cuter than seeing two super-strong slayers of supernatural, human devouring and bloodthirsty demons, talk about cute cats together. What if a demon was a cute cat!?

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5# Unique Uniform

There is some interesting history behind Mitsuri’s uniform. I’m sure you’ve noticed that her uniform’s design is different from Shinobu or the other female Demon Slayers. 

Well, it seems that uniform design was made by Kakushi member (the helpers of the Demon Slayers that come in after the battle) and was intended for not only her but Shinobu, Kanao, and Aoi as well. 

The other girls burned their uniforms (lol) but sweet Mitsuri couldn’t bring herself to burn hers. I think everyone is glad she didn’t, the outfit really highlights her amazing… assets. 

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4# Unique Uniform (Part Two, The Stockings)

Mitsuri’s green stockings or socks were a gift from Obanai Iguro, the Serpent Hashira. 

The gift was to help ease her embarrassment when she initially started wearing her uniform. The overall style and look she has, turned out adorable though! 

Her looks and personality bring a lot of life into the show, so thanks to everyone in the Demon Slayer universe that made her outfit possible! Boob window for the win!


3# Nickname

One of the reasons why Mitsuri is called the Love Hashira is because of her personality. She is constantly complimenting people in her head, as shown to great and hilarious effect in the anime. 

Another reason for the title is because her reason for joining the Demon Slayer Corps in the first place was to find a suitable husband that is stronger than her (a difficult task.) 

She later regretted her reason for joining and had a huge amount of guilt over it. So much guilt in fact, that she got depressed over it. 

So depressed that she stopped eating as much as she normally did (and you should know how much our girl loves to eat.) She only got out of her depression thanks to the help of Shinobu and Obanai. 


2# Unique Body

Mitsuri’s was born with a special muscle composition in her body. Her muscle mass is eight times denser than that of an average human. 

This gives her great strength and endurance that is exceptional by even the Demon Slayer Corps standards. 

Her figure and limbs are deceptively thin but don’t be fooled because they possess great power and endurance. 

When she was only 1 year old, she was able to carry very heavy objects, some weighing around 120 pounds! Try taking care of that baby!


1# A Kind Heart

This shouldn’t be new or surprising knowledge to anyone, but Mitsuri is very kind. She is kind and gentle towards everyone (except demons.) 

She is known to grab her friends and pull them in for a group hug after a hard-won battle. 

Considering her more violent and aggressive pears, Mitsuri is kindness personified and I can’t wait to see more of her in the anime. 

She is top-tier Waifu and if I wasn’t a couple of hundred times weaker than her, I would totally marry her!


Mitsuri is a powerful, kind-hearted, and adorable warrior. There are so many great female characters in Demon Slayer that it wouldn’t surprise me if any of them ever fought against each other that another Waifu War would breakout. Who is your favorite deadly Waifu in Demon Slayer? 

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