Things About Rio Futaba

things about rio futaba

10 things about Rio Futaba (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai)

 This is one of the many great Waifu in “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai.” A great anime if you like slice-of-life or Haruhi type sci-fi antics.

 Rio is the smartest and nerdiest girl in the anime with an impressive bust size. 

She is kind of the “wise wizard” of the show and often helps the main protagonist figure out what the hell is going on and how he might fix it. Let’s learn some time continuum shattering facts about this super smart Waifu!

10# Self-Conscious Body Imagine

If you know this Waifu you should already know Rio is very self-conscious of her body. She developed faster than her peers and was ogled by the guys at her school. 

She has a large bust and curvy figure which has done more harm than good for her mentally and socially.

 She struggles with how she should handle the attention her body brings her which leads to some interesting supernatural developments later in the anime. 

The anime tries to paint a picture that even (or maybe especially) beautiful people struggle with their body image and self-worth.


9# Smart as Hell 

This girl knows her stuff when it goes to science, especially chemistry and quantum physics. 

Our main protagonist Sakuta Azusagawa often goes to the lab coat wearing girl for help whenever he needs a solid theory for why some craziness is happening around him, like invisibly bunny girls suddenly appearing.

 In the science club at her school, she is known for performing crazy experiments that have caused power outages and small fires; as any good scientist should be known for doing. 

8# Lonely 

Poor Rio seems to have a problem with isolation. Her parents have often been away abroad for work, leaving her alone. 

She doesn’t have any siblings either, leaving her with an overall isolated childhood. 

She doesn’t seem to be comfortable around too many other people unless they are outcasts like herself. Poor Rio…

7# Her Crush

Rio has a crush on one of her classmates. A member of the basketball team whose name is Yuuma Kunimi. 

The reason for the crush is a little silly; one time he gave her a chocolate cornet (lol.) Sadly, for Rio, Yuuma is already taken. He has a girlfriend named Saki Kamisato. 

There is one scene later in the anime where Rio confesses her crush to him, it’s a sweet but bitter scene.

6# A Few Good Friends

Rio only sees Sakuta and Yuuma as her friends. She was shown to have a concern that her relationship with Yuuma would be affected once he got his girlfriend and even more so when she confessed to him.

 Luckily though they have remained friends. She also has shown that she has a good amount of trust in Sakuta; letting him stay at her house overnight and going to his apartment overnight as well. 

It’s nice to see a decent take on male and female friendships.

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5# Shortstack

Rio is only 5’1. Her small height combined with her bust size makes it obvious why she probably got so much unwanted attention in school. 

Not to mention with her glasses and overall cute nerdy girl look; you can start to sympathize with her blight.

 The super-smart busty girl just wants to be left alone! Let her do science things in peace!

4# Science Club of One

Remember how I said the Rio was in the science club? Well, that might have been misleading; she is the only member of the science club!

 If that doesn’t further prove the point that she is more than happy just being alone and doesn’t want attention; I don’t know what will. 

She seems the type of person that just wants that small group of trustworthy friends and I can respect that!

3# Voice Actress

 Rio’s VA is Atsumi Tanezaki. She has been the voice for some other great characters. Such as: Chise Hatori from “The Ancient Magus Bride”, Juno form “BEASTARS”, and Scadi Dragenfelt in the newly showing “Monster Girl Doctor”.

 All great anime and characters that I would recommend watching. 

2# Lewd Pics

One of the main plots and conflicts later in the show happens as a result of Rio posting some “interesting” pictures of herself online.

 If you already know the character or have read this far, you know that’s a contradictory thing for our nerdy girl to do.

 It’s an interesting lesson in human psychology and I would recommend watching the anime even if you are only interested in psychological type stuff. 

Rio by far has my favorite arc and seeing her struggle with the attention she receives from her body and how to deal with it was a wonderful and enlightening watch. 

1# The Spilt 

“Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai”, deals primarily with interesting pseudo-scientific “what if” scenarios. All the main girls in the show get one, including Rio. 

Hers is a result of her taking those lewd pics in the previous section. The contradictory nature of her actions manifests physically and leads to some complex and interesting dilemmas for the characters in the show to deal with. 

It’s a perfect representation for Rio’s internal mental struggle and leads you to wanting to just give her a hug. 


Rio Futaba is more complex and realistic than your average Waifu. As a character, she has great depth and her presence in the narrative feels like a necessity rather than shallow fanservice. 

She is definitely one of the best-looking anime girls in a lab coat and its fascinating to watch the struggle with her body imagine (as I’ve already said like 4 time lol.) Overall, for “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai” Rio is my personal favorite character, but there are still many other worthy Waifu in the show. 

Rio, however, just had a standout arc and character journey that I don’t think was beaten by any of the other girls. What did you think of Rio as a character and her struggles within the show?

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