Things About Sakie Satou

things about sakie satou

10 things about Sakie Satou (Demi-chan wa Kataritai)

This busty teacher captured my heart instantly and not just because she is a succubus either! Sakie is a cute, busty, socially awkward schoolteacher that’s just trying to do the best she can. 

She is a unique take on the infamous demon women (as are many of the girls in the show.) 

Being a succubus is harder than you might think, so let’s head to class and learn completely innocent things from our succubus teacher! 

10# Dealing with Being Sexy

So Sakie has a problem. As a succubus, her body produces an aphrodisiac pheromone; its not hard to understand how this might make normal life difficult. 

In order to counteract this problem, Saki does all she can to keep her lust producing effects under control by using social distancing, wearing baggy clothes, glasses, and keeping her hair up. 

Physical contact with anyone is something she desperately tries to avoid, in the trains, on the streets, and in school. Overall, this had led to a rather isolated lifestyle for the twenty-four-year-old woman. She really needs to find a good guy! Wait… she has! 

9# Her Crush

Saki has a crush on the main male protagonist of the show, Tetsuo Takahashi, a fellow teacher at the school. 

The reason for the crush (besides his amazing dad-bod) is because the 27-year-old biology teacher does everything he can to show he isn’t affected by Sakie’ aphrodisiac effects.

 It’s mostly all a front because he is affected by her, but he posses an iron-clad will and has never shown her effects on him within sight of her.

Sakie has a fear that guys are only interested in her looks and aphrodisiac effects, not interested in who she actually is; so, seeing someone that appears unaffected is a big plus for her.

8# An Independent Woman

Apparently, most succubus with as powerful of an aphrodisiac effect as Sakie’s would receive financial aid so they wouldn’t have to work. 

This schoolteacher though wanted to be as normal as possible, so she refused the aid and does her best to keep working. 

I admire that and its another reason why Sakie is a top tier Waifu. It’s even more true when you consider what she must go through just to get to and from work.

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7# An Impressively Tough Schedule

Sakie lives in a house in a remote location. Her transit to and from work is awfully long, plus she has to use public transport when it’s not busy. 

Poor Sakie must get up at 04:15 every morning just to make it to work on time. She spends most of her day in transit, taking the last and first trains to and from work. 

It’s a tough schedule for someone to deal with just to work as a teacher and shows the strength of Sakie’s personality and convictions to be a productive member of society. 

I wish she would take more time for herself though, she deserves it!

6# Losing her Aphrodisiac 

It’s implied that Sakie will lose her aphrodisiac effect or it will greatly lessen once she has children. If so, she needs to hook up with Takahashi as soon as she can! 

He’s a great guy and both of them would be adorable together. It would be such a nice thing to see Sakie having a more normal life as well. Maybe she could take more normal times for the trains. 

5#  A Wonderful Teacher

Sakie is naturally a kind, gentle, and caring person. She puts her student’s wellbeing first and foremost and seems to be well-liked in the school. 

Her interactions with the other Demi-human students is one of the best parts of the anime and if Sakie was the main character I don’t think I would mind too much. 

Well… I love dad-bod Takahashi, so maybe just give Sakie a spin-off series. 

4# Manga Lover

Further enhancing her Waifu appeal, Sakie has a love of manga. Yuki Kusakabe, a Demi-human student at the school that’s a Snow Woman, often brings her teacher manga to read. 

A busty woman that loves to read manga… this teacher is my dream woman. 

3# Voice Actress 

Sakie’s voice actress is Yoko Hikasa. She has been on the scene for a while and has voiced some memorable characters. 

Such as Mio Akiyama in “K-On”, Rias Gremory from “High School DxD”, Diana Cavendish from “Little Witch Academia, and Hwa Ryun in “Tower of God”. 

Also, she will play the female White Blood Cell in “Cells at Work! Code Black” in 2021. An anime and character I am super excited about seeing!

2# Seduction Attempts

As stated, before Sakie has a crush on her fellow teacher Takahashi. She has attempted some extremely charming and sexy seduction attempts.

Just unzipping her red tracksuit could be considered a seduction attempt, but she also has shown off her body in a bikini. 

How Takahashi has kept his cool when face to face with the succubus’s large assets, I’ll never know. 

1# Powerful Demi-Human

Sakie is surprising considered a fairly powerful Demi-Human. She has the second most powerful known aphrodisiac effect in the entire world. 

That’s a title I’m sure she is not very happy at all to have. I do wonder though, who has the most powerful succubus abilities in the world? 


Sakie Satou is a charming, sweet, and wholesome Waifu. Something I never thought I would ever say about a Succubus character in an anime. 

She is second only to Kurumu Kurono from “Rosario and Vampire” for my favorite succubus characters. 

Her character design is incredibly cute and sexy, as is her personality. She is a great and realist take on succubus in the modern world and is a counter to the overused evil and or overly flirty succubus trope. 

I hope this idea of a succubus becomes more common in anime over time. 

What about you? Would you like to see more succubus characters like this? Or the original versions of them like Kurumu? 

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