Top 30 Sexy Anime Waifu

Welcome my fellow anime nerds, otaku, and weebs to one of the most important lists ever made on the internet!

Here we will be diving into the sexiest anime girls that have ever appeared on our screens. 

We will be considering not only the raw physical sexiness of our Waifu, but also their personality, and how much someone would actually enjoy being with them in real life. 

After all, it takes more than just having big plots in the story to make a character a worthy Waifu.

From number 30 to number 1, we will be counting down the sexiest girls from anime series that many of us loved and with characters that we loved even more.

 Some are new, some are classics, but all of them have been our anime crushes or Waifu at some point.

 However, not all Waifu are equals and this is especially true when it comes to overall sexiness.

Will your Waifu make the cut? You may be loyal to her, but is she truly worthy to be considered one of the sexiest anime girls of all time?


Waifu Meaning

If you’ve been around the otaku block for any respectable amount of time; you have a Waifu. 

Waifu Meaning

Any person that calls themselves an anime nerd, otaku, or weeb with pride has at least one Waifu; if not several.

However, not every anime girl is worthy of being a Waifu. It takes a special type of character that can inspire thousands of internet confessions of love on blogs, thousands of declarations of loyalty on anime forums, and tens of thousands of fan-inspired art and stories all about them.

A weeb’s Waifu choice is a sacred and personal affair. Which makes it all the better to call your friend’s Waifu trash.

What exactly is a Waifu though? It’s a wonderful girl in an anime that simply captures your heart and imagination. 

That one character that simply has it all. Great design, memorable personality, and worthy of just about any otaku’s undying loyalty. 

She has to be a character that can put a smile on your face just by looking at her.

Waifu History

The term Waifu has been around the Western side of anime culture since the early 2000s. 

It’s a play on the word wife and apparently, the term first appeared in an episode of “Azumanaga Daioh” in 2005A hilarious anime and manga series btw, you should go watch or read it!  

The term nowadays is extremely common in otaku culture and I would argue you have to be very new to the anime scene to not know what the term means. 

Although I will admit it’s super fun explaining to someone new to anime what a Waifu is and then sharing mine! 

If you ever go to an anime convention or even just look around on anime forums, you’ll see just how much the term has spread since the early 2000s.

The Waifu term has also had some interesting iterations over the years, such as the male version called a Husbando.

Almost every otaku these days has a list of favorite Waifu and/or Husbando ready to be shared at any moment.

Who uses the word Waifu?

As stated before just about anyone familiar with the basics of anime or otaku culture knows about and uses the term Waifu. 

Anime culture has impressively developed its own very unique identity within Western society. 

While there are many groups within anime culture with different kinds of anime watchers and creators; Waifu is one of those rare terms that pervades just about all of them. 

Shonen, Slice of Life, Shoujo anime watchers; all of them use the term even if they only watch those kinds of anime and nothing else. 

It also extends out to cosplayers, artists, manga readers, and fanfic writers.

Otaku, weeb, anime nerd, or even just a casual anime watcher uses the word Waifu because in almost any good anime there is at least one character that is worthy of being someone’s Waifu. 

The term is so well known nowadays that I’ve had people to ask me who my Waifu is when they don’t even watch anime!

Can a Waifu be a real person?

A Waifu cannot be a real person. Your Waifu is not real. She exists in a special place where no human can reach, nor is meant to. No matter how much we all may wish to…

There is something very special about a Waifu that is different from a real person, even a person like a celebrity crush. 

Your Waifu can truly be yours in many ways. You can imagine more nuances to her personality or how she would react to situations not shown in the anime she is from. 

Waifu exists uniquely for every person, even if she is somebody else’s Waifu, they likely view her differently from how you do.

Her 2d existence also makes it perfect for drawing her in new outfits or having her be in non-canon stories.

The plethora of fanart, fanfiction, and cosplay makes a Waifu wholly different from a real life person

Not to mention declaring your love and loyalty to a Waifu is far less creepy than declaring the same to someone that’s not your significant other, like a real-life actor or actress.

Top 30 Sexiest Anime Waifu List

30# Ha Yuri Zahard, Tower of God

Ha Yuri Zahard, Tower of God

With a popular new anime in the spotlight, also comes popular new Waifu! Yuri Zahad is definitely qualified to join the ranks! 

A dark-haired beauty with ruby red eyes and a now-iconic red ribbon; Yuri isn’t only the sexiest character in the show, she is also the strongest seen so far in season one. 

Not to mention; who doesn’t like a curvy swordswoman that could kick your butt?

Sadly, I don’t think any of us have gotten to see as much of Yuri in the anime as we wanted to. Her overly assured and rude attitude is a little off-putting as well. 

Although, that attitude might be well earned as the Princess of Zahard and owner of the awesomely cool sword “Black March.” She has taken down powerful foes without even breaking a sweat so far.

Still, with a lack of scenes featuring her and a rather unsexy attitude from Yuri so far, puts her at number 30 in the rankings for now, but we’ll see in the future if she can climb higher up as the anime continues.

Hottest Anime Girls

29# Misa Amane, Death Note

 Misa Amane, Death Note

If you ever had a thing for Goth Lolita girls and didn’t mind an extremely devoted girlfriend; Misa was probably one of your fav Waifu. 

A blond bombshell that has an eye for the gothic fashion scene, Misa is the type of girl who will do anything for her boyfriend. 

Even if that’s helping him become the god of the new world…

Smarter than what her bubbly personality lets on; it’s a shame that her overly emotional attachment to Light led her to be used and discarded. She deserved a better ending.

 View Anime Girl

28# Revy, Black Lagoon

Revy, Black Lagoon

One of the most badass female characters in all of the anime; Revy is a sexy, mercenary pirate that has a fondness for guns, smoking, drinking, and using as many curse words as she can in a single sentence. 

Revy has some of the most entertaining dialogue I have ever heard in an anime and I would highly recommend listening to her with the English dub.

Sadly, despite her incredible sexiness and entertaining dialogue, Revy has lots of issues and a dark past that few would be able to help her move past.

 Not to mention she has shown little interest in anything close to resembling romance.


27# Lalatina (Darkness), KonoSuba

Lalatina (Darkness), KonoSuba

 Darkness is only one of many qualified Waifu in KonoSuba, but I think she stands out from the cast for a few reasons. 

Her earnest nature, try-hard attitude, and certain masochistic tendencies are as enduring as they are funny. 

Let us not forget she is one of the most well-endowed women on the cast and I think few could deny she would be interested in bed.

Ultimately, I think the best and sexiest Waifu is different for each person. Even if you have the same one, there are likely different reasons why you personally like her and find her sexy.

 Anime is an amazing broad medium with many different and interesting characters in it. It’s truly something special and sexy Waifu is one reason why it is.

Hope you had fun and thanks for following down the list with me!

The tall busty crusader had a great bathing scene with Kasuma and let’s not forget about her doing those very nice pushups in the OVA. 

She would be higher on the list if her masochistic perversions were just a little more controlled.

26# Dark Magician Girl, Yu-Gi-Oh! 

Dark Magician Girl, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Here is a Waifu that is a classic. I’m sure she was the very first anime crush for more than a few people watching or playing the classic card game (I still have my cards lol.) 

She was one of the cutest looking cards or girls in the game or anime and all the Yu-Gi-Oh players at my school were trying to get her.

With such a cute magician’s outfit and friendly personality, you couldn’t really blame anyone for wanting her in their deck even if she wasn’t a great card when it came to stats.

 Sadly, she’s more card than an actual character, so she only makes it to 26 on this list.

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25# Ram, Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World

Ram, Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World

I’ll admit it, I have a thing for sarcastic and sassy girls. So combined that personality with the pink-haired Oni’s stoic looks, funny insults, and cute maid outfit; well you have a winner for me at least. 

Personally, I do not mind either that she is the second flattest Waifu on this list.

 Currently the second season of Re: Zero is out and I am loving watching Ram as well as all the other Waifu in the show. 

Subaru’s continued suffering is fascinating to watch if nothing else as well.


24# Misato Katsuragi, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Misato Katsuragi, Neon Genesis Evangelion

We all knew Misato was a special one when we saw her risqué photo along with Shinji for the first time.

Misato is a woman who knows how to get the job done, whether that is saving the world from the Angels, dealing with Shinji running away, or coming up with the next crazy operation.

Although, she is not as good at keeping a clean apartment or picking up her bras. 

A high-ranking officer of Nerv, Misato would be as high on this list as her rank, if isn’t wasn’t for her emotional detachment from most people and her possible problem with alcohol, daddy, and ex-boyfriend issues.


23# Tatsumaki, One-Punch Man

Tatsumaki, One-Punch Man

Credit to truss31

 After Ram, you should know why I like this short, green-haired superhero. 

Sassy, snarky, and brimming with more attitude than her small stature would suggest is even possible; she is always a fun character to have on the scene, whether that is fighting an evil alien overlord or re-killing the dinosaurs.

Add in her incredible psychokinetic powers and sexy tight black dress; the “Tornado of Terror” is a worthy Waifu. 

The number two S-ranked hero also takes the number 1 spot for flattest chest on this list… don’t tell her that though…

 22# Shinobu Kocho, Demon Slayer

Shinobu Kocho, Demon Slayer

 This demon-slaying beauty is possibly my favorite character in the show. 

Cute, beautiful, skilled, and laid back; Shinobu is worthy of her title as the Insect Hashira and her well-designed butterfly patterned cloak and symbolism. 

She is always wearing a soft smile, which hides an interesting personality underneath the surface of her soft purple eyes. 

The small woman has a deep hatred for the demon’s she slays and is in a nearly constant state of controlled rage.

I really want to see more of Shinbu, and I have been holding myself back from reading the manga so that I can be surprised when watching the anime. 

She is one of the best-designed characters in anime and her two-faced personality is as fascinating as it is sad. 

Her teasing and jeering can be a little annoying though and her cruelty towards demons is a little off-putting.

21# Kagome Higurashi, Inuyasha

Kagome Higurashi, Inuyasha

 Another classic Waifu. In fact, the dark-haired schoolgirl was my first anime crush. 

Maybe it was her short green school shirt, her courage, her kindness, or her mysterious Miko powers, but Kagome won my heart as a kid. 

I always laughed at her interactions with Inuyasha and all the crazy adventures she would fall into. 

It is impressive that the school sailor uniform held up against all that fantastical craziness.

It is also really cool to see that they are making a spin-off of Inuyasha featuring Kagome’s daughter, Moroha. I will definitely be watching her adventures in the future!


20# Yoko Littner, Gurren Lagann

Yoko Littner, Gurren Lagann

 When people say “sexy anime girl” Yoko is who they are talking about. 

Her large breasts, barely held in by a flame patterned bikini, are as infamous as they are eye-catching in the action-packed anime. 

The voluptuous sniper has more than a few fanservice moments, but that doesn’t detract too much from the fact that she can still keep up and kick butt with the rest of the cast. 

Yoko also has one of the more mature and cool heads in the anime compared to the other character… until they irritate her.


19# Mikasa Ackerman, Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman, Attack on Titan

 I love strong women, and few are as strong as Mikasa. The titan killer is not just strong physically, but emotionally, and mentally as well.

With short black hair, great figure, and amazing abs; Misaka is a Waifu that few deserve.

 In fact, she might have been in the top ten of this list if it wasn’t for her Eren obsession.

 I cannot wait to see more of her amazing skills and no-nonsense personality in the final season of Attack on Titan! Seeing her doing crutches again would be nice too.


 18# Mitsuki Bakugo, My Hero Academia

Mitsuki Bakugo, My Hero Academia

 Recently Mitsuki has become a prime example of sexy moms in anime. 

As the mother of the hotheaded Katsuki Bakugo; it’s always impressive how she shows that she doesn’t take his attitude sitting down; dealing just as much aggressive fury as he does.

 She is one tough Waifu and one that you better respect.

 With her great figure and mature features, it’s no wonder that she has become the major crush for a lot of new anime watchers that were introduced to anime in general through MHA.

17# Chika Fujiwara, Love is War

Chika Fujiwara, Love is War

 Chika is a cute pink, little marshmallow of wacky cuteness. She is more cute than sexy, but her large bust firmly keeps her still in the sexy category.

 Often throwing the carefully constructed plans of her friends into a whirlwind of chaos; Chika seems like she would be a blast to hang out and play games with.

 If that is not enough to convince you she is a great Waifu; Chika is also super smart, she speaks five different languages, is a musical prodigy, an accomplished love detective, and her family is filthy rich.

16# Kurumi Tokisaki, Date A Live

Kurumi Tokisaki, Date A Live

A lesser-known Waifu compared to the others on this list; Kurumi inspires a lifelong devotion for those that know of her. 

A remarkably interesting character in the anime Date A Live, Kurumi is a powerful spirit that can control time using her muskets.

Dressed in an eye-catching crimson and black frilly gothic Lolita dress, her black twin tails, and amber clock left eye might make her the most unique look Waifu on this list when it comes to looks. 

Her behavior and morals are complex, and there is more to understand about her than her often psychotic actions and twisted personality would first suggest.

 15# Winrey Rockbell, Full Metal Alchemist

Winrey Rockbell, Full Metal Alchemist

 Winery is the anime personification of the childhood crush you once had on your neighbor. 

A strong-willed, caring girl; Winrey is a skilled mechanic and automail maker that is always there for her friends in their times of need. 

Kindhearted and empathic; she is a sweet girl that always tries her best.

 Oftentimes in FMA, she comes to the aid of Edward and Alphonse; the show would be vastly different and lesser without the blonde mechanic tomboy.

 She is also famous for wearing a very nice black tube-top that shows off her great figure.

 14# Motoko Kusanagi, Ghost in the Shell

Motoko Kusanagi, Ghost in the Shell

Better known as “The Major”, Motoko is another badass girl that can handle just about anything the world shoots her way. 

A cyborg that works for the special law enforcement agency “Section 9”, Motoko is as sexy as she is deadly. 

A mature woman with a full figure and athletic cybernetic body that is never not fun to watch doing inhuman acrobatics.

 Motoko is the type of Waifu you say “Yes, ma’am.” to; both in the streets and in the sheets. I don’t think there is a sexier cyborg warrior in all of anime.

 13# Asada Shino, Sword Art Online

Asada Shino, Sword Art Online

 I’ll say it! Shino is a better Waifu than Asuna! Have you seen Shino’s butt!? I mean… damn girl! Plus, Shino did one of the biggest flexes on phobias ever. 

Play a VR game where all she uses is the one thing that traumatized and gave her PTSD: guns. 

If that doesn’t speak to her amazing character, I don’t know what does. 

She is one of, if not the most interesting character in SAO, and I wished the shows and movies would focus more on her… or anyone else besides Kirito.

12# Yoruichi Shihoin, Bleach

Yoruichi (Bleach)

 Now we are starting to get into the really sexy Waifu. I remember when Yoruichi transformed out of her cat form for the first and I think I had the exact same overreaction as Ichigo.

Sexy, cool, dark, and intelligent. Few anime women come close to this Soul Reaper’s swagger. 

She’s got a smirk that can make a grown man blush like a schoolboy and confidence that tells you she already knows what she wants. She is the coolest of cats in anime.

 11# Esdeath, Akame ga Kill

Esdeath, Akame ga Kill

 I have extremely complicated feelings for this infamous general. A beautiful and curvy woman with lite blue hair and eyes; her great design is also matched by her incredible ice powers that might be the strongest in all of anime and manga. 

Her personality is what is of real interest though. Esdeath is a sadist who lacks basic human empathy, valuing only a survival of the fittest attitude. 

She loves torturing her captured prisoners and loves killing strong opponents even more.

 This is all in great, stark, and confusing contrast to her love of the main character of the show “Tatsami” and her sweet, innocent affection for the boy.

 I would argue that Akame ga Kill is in part a love story, and few actual love stories in anime are as bittersweet as the one between Esdeath and Tatsumi.

 Speaking of Tatsumi; if I had been in Esdeath’s room for the first time and had to make his choice… well… I’m not as strong a person.

10# Hinata Hyuga. Naruto/Boruto

Hinata Hyuga. Naruto/Boruto

 In Naruto, whenever I got to see what was hiding underneath Hinata’s jacket I was like “Damn girl!”

 She might have one of the most famous chests in all of the anime and her sweet personality makes her one of the most beloved Waifu in all of anime.

 Seeing her grow up and become a hot mom in Boruto has been amazing as well. 

Hinata has a permanent place in the hearts of anime fans and yes; everyone wonders if she has ever asked Naruto to use the Shadow Clone Jutsu in bed…

 9# Rin Tohsaka/Ishtar/Ereshkigal, Fate Stay Night

Rin Tohsaka/Ishtar/Ereshkigal, Fate Stay Night

 There are so many sexy Waifu in the FateVerse that it needs its own list. And yes… 

I cheated on this one. I couldn’t choose ok! Rin Tohsaka is the original character, Ishtar and Ereshkigal are goddess versions of her to explain things in the simplest way possible. 

I would have to write an essay to fully explain that situation…

For now, let’s focus on Rin as what I’m going to say applies for the other two as well mostly. 

You should know by now that I like sassy girls and Rin is wonderfully sassy. 

She is also a classic, twin-tailed tsundere with a rocking bod and great style. 

A capable magus and independent; she can take care of herself and stop an Armageddon or three.

 8# Nami, One Piece

Nami, One Piece

Nami has one of the most iconic bikini bods in all of anime. Busty to the max, she has brains as well as beautiful and is maybe the most famous female pirate in the medium.

 She has a love for all things that are gold and glitter, and as any good pirate is want to do, willing to take on any challenge in order to get that treasure or gold.

 Despite her love of money and wealth, Nami’s friends and crew come first for the compassionate and busty pirate.

7# Faye Valentine, Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine, Cowboy Bebop

Perhaps the only female character that can compete with Yoruichi in the coolness factor; Faye is the sexiest girl in space. Her curvy form, trademark yellow shorts, and shirt are iconic. 

She is easily one of the most recognized female characters in anime and if it wasn’t for her aggressive personality and plethora of bad habits, she would have made the top five of this list.

 Still, Faye may be the most classic Waifu on this list, and ever since that final “See You Space Cowboy” we have missed her and the entire crew of old Bebop.

 6# Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail

 The scarlet haired warrior. Erza is a legendary figure in the anime community.

 Even for people that do not particularly like Fairy Tail, they still give respect towards Erza. 

She is incredibly strong, brave, caring, and committed to her friends. She has a wonderful variety of armors and a womanly figure that looks amazing in each one.

Reserved and cool; there is a lot of emotional depth to her character and its always funny, heartwarming, or tear-jerking to see her interact with the other members of Fairy Tail.

5# Ryoko Matoi, Kill La Kill

Ryoko Matoi, Kill La Kill

 Ryoko practically uses sexiness as a superpower. A fierce and tough girl who can take a punch as well as she can give one back.

 Ryoko and her living outfit Senketsu have often combined together to give us some of the most stylistic and sexy fanservice in all of anime history. 

Ryoko wearing Senketsu in his normal state or when using Life Fiber Synchronize is always an eye-pleasing sight. As are Ryoko’s white and blue striped bra and panties!

 Her well-crafted character design cannot be overstated as well; often she is as sexy as she is cute. An extremely impressive accomplishment that I can only think is beaten by the number two and number 1 on this list.

4# Blair, Soul Eater

Blair (Soul Eater)

 Soul Eater was the first ecchi manga I had ever read and when I saw Blair, I knew I wouldn’t ever be forgetting about her.

She has a character design that has stood the tests of time and when it comes to raw physical sexiness alone… she might be number one.

 Her playful attitude and habit of getting naked are all points in her favor, but her tricks and carelessness have caused many problems for poor Soul and Maka.

 It’s always wonderful to see her easygoing and bubble personality however, and those bubble bath scenes are legendary.

3# Zero Two, Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two, Darling in the Franxx

 This pink-haired, horned girl came out of nowhere in 2018. A think we were just as shocked as Hiro when she came out of that lake naked and sexy as hell. 

Her character design is well balanced in the color palette, unique, and memorable.

It was an interesting journey to see her and Hiro’s relationship develop, and it was always a treat to see her in that tight bodysuit. 

The anime did wonders with the fanservice and the first half of the season struck a good balance with comedy, action, romance, and sexy hijinks.

 Zero Two’s personality was seductively flirty and playful as well. Definitely the “Senpai in the sheets” type of girl that could give anyone one hell of a ride.

 2# Satellizer L. Bridget, Freezing

Satellizer L. Bridget, Freezing

 Freezing is a lesser-known anime on this list, but I felt despite that, this buxom blonde deserved to be reconsidered for her Waifu power. 

An amazing attractive girl, Satellizer has that perfect blend of sexiness and cuteness. 

Her personality just wants to make you give her a hug, but sadly if you’re not Kazuya the main character, you are likely to end up more than a little broken for touching her.

 She is as powerful as she is cute and sexy, and I loved watching her fight scenes throughout the anime, brutal as they were sometimes.

Satellizer has a tragic backstory that once you discover makes her entire character and all her struggles click into place. 

Personally, she is my number 1 Waifu. The number one on this list is objectively better for various reasons, but Satellizer is number 1 in my heart. 

If you have not watched Freezing, I would recommend at least watching the first season.


 1: Hestia, Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

Hestia, Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon

  • Hestia is Bestia.
  • This is a fact.

 The small, short-stacked goddess has it all in an adorable, sexy, and iconic package. 

Her white virgin killer shaped outfit is scientifically designed to enhance her Waifu powers, her blue boob ribbon has hypnotized and been the obsession of the otaku community for years now, and her large breasts have often stolen the show from all other aspects of DanMachi’s interesting world and colorful characters with their bounciness.

The show does a perfect job of playing up Hestia’s goddess-like assets without diminishing her incredible and entertaining personality. 

It is nearly always fun seeing Hestia because of her lovable personality on-screen and if it’s not fun that’s because it’s heartfelt instead.

Hestia’s nearly unconditional love for the main character, Bell, is truly sweet. 

Her caring personality, childlike playfulness and bubble attitude work well for her dark twin-tailed hairstyle and her almost always smiling facial features. Yet, there are still deeper layers to the Goddess’s personality.

During serious moments there is no mistaking that she is a Goddess of the home and hearth, one that has existed for thousands of years. 

She displays wisdom, courage, decisiveness, convection, and leadership when it is needed. If ever there was a number one Waifu, it is the Goddess of the boob ribbon.


There we have it!

  • The top thirty sexiest Waifu in anime as of 2020!
  • Did your Waifu make the cut? Was she in the top ten or even the number 1?
  • A lot goes into a great Waifu and even more so when it comes to sexiness. Hopefully, this list has explained a little why your sexy Waifu is as sexy as she is, and maybe introduced you to some new ones that you can check out!
  • What sexy Waifu didn’t get put on here that deserved to be? What is most important in a sexy Waifu? Looks? Personality? Intelligence?

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